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Troi posted on Jan 18, 2005, 1:36 PM


Great NON-FLIP Phone!

If you don't buy into the FLIP PHONE Hype, this phone is actually very good. Bright, vivid color screen and convenient internet access. And don't think that just because its not a flip phone that its not sleek. Its black and chrome in addition to its slender body style make it a very stylish, and young phone. I like the joystick in the middle of the phone which helps the user to navigate between the different screens and in the game scene. It has a great polyphonic sound which allows me to download real songs as the ringers from different websites. The setbacks: Although it can download pictures to load into the phone, it does not have a camera, which isn't all that important, but would be nice to have. Another drawback is the leather case. If it weren't for the leather case, you could see the poshness of the phone, but the leather case adds the "Granny" factor. The antenna is a pain, and is forever either unscrewing itself, or breaking--it is not retractable. the slot for the charger wears away fast, meaning the charger plug starts to go in either slanted or half way. The case also hinders the user from accessing the charger port easily.

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