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Alex Wiedzmin posted on Jan 13, 2010, 3:12 AM


Good hardware, but a little bulky

I've had this device for about a year before switching to HTC Touch and I only have good memories about it - it was a little bulky, but really solid and reliable. Even with the dreaded Windows Mobile ROM running on it, it was still responsive and a joy to type on with either the large physical keyboard or the variety of on-screen input methods. Call quality and stereo playback was great (albeit the 2.5 mm jack was inconvenient until I was able to find a converter). I still have this hardware and plan to install Android on it some day to use for internet browsing.


  • Reliable, large keyboard, great functionality


  • Bulky, no GPS, does not support WPA2

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user posted on Jun 18, 2008, 1:46 PM


quality control issues

I am on my 5th phone of this model, and every model I've had is defective in some way. I don't know if it is a bad batch that has been shipped to the local supplier, but I would not recommend this phone

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Jakub posted on Dec 20, 2007, 3:21 PM


Great Phone

I have had this phone for 1 year, till now its been working perfect, but recently the screen cracked. Now I cant use the phones full feauters. Anyways this is a great phone, the wireless modem is great, and it is just a tough phone, apparently tough accept for the screen......Im buying a new one on Ebay because this is the best phone I have had.

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Bill posted on Sep 17, 2007, 10:49 AM



Great phone, wm5 was a problem, had to reboot the phone each morning and still had problems sometimes, but the wm6 hack out there works like a champ. I recommend this phone. Still I am waiting the Verizon to get the HTC Touch on the market.

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danthemans22 posted on Aug 29, 2007, 2:49 AM



this phone is a piece of junk.. I, and 2 others I know that have this phone have had NOTHING but problems with it over and over. I DO NOT recomend this phone at all.

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Jason P. posted on Aug 09, 2007, 12:10 AM


Nothing Compares to this...

This phone/pda replaced my Treo 600 almost one year ago. I can't say enough about this wonderful piece of technology. I constantly read about and compare with other phones in its class and nothing stands up to it, not even its replacement the HTC P4000 "Mogul". (only upgraded with a 2.0 megapixel camera rather than the 6700's 1.3mp)My WM5 Starcom 6700 does not freeze, ever, period. Telus network reception is great, as I use it quite a bit at the cottage (remote area in Canada). EVDO 1X network gets 400-500 megabits per second download even with 1 bar of reception in an "out-of-town" area. Built-in Wi-Fi makes it easy to connect to ANY "hot-spot" for fast and free internet acces. (ie-home wireless network, McDonald's, free Best Buy or library Networks) Most other phones, PDA's of its era do not have Wi-Fi technology. I use it as a GPS with a Garmin Que bluetooth reciever. Amazing. I most recently tried loading a full length avi movie on my SD card and it plays as well as ANY portable dvd player. Screen quality is superb no choppiness. I use it for mp3's played on the built-in speaker and the sound quality compares to your basic clock radio. Even better, it's a boom box with an adapter and amplified computer speakers. The querty keyboard is superior to the "non-slide" phones like the Blackberry, Motorola Q, or Treo. One-touch operation is easy with the joystick style central button and relative face buttons. I use this PDA as a usb or bluetooth CDMA modem for my...  

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Ryan posted on Jun 19, 2007, 9:33 AM


Great phone just needs GPS

I have had my 6700 for about a year. I had the 6600 before that. I love the phone. It is a great phone if you use it correctly and use some of the excellent software out there to go with it. I travel a lot with my job and like another said on here I can pretty much go without my laptop. I can view almost any web page, I can watch entire movies with a software called pocket DVD. I have google maps for mobile devices that let me find locations quickly where ever I am. Windows media is great for playing mp3's. I can create and email word/excel documents and take decent pictures with the 1.3 mp camera. The only thing I haven't been able to figure out yet is the GPS. The MSM6500 chip inside states that it has GPS and AGPS capabilities but I haven't been able to make it work yet. My guess is that it is disabled so that the carriers can charge you to use it across their network. Still a great phone.

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Mr. Loc posted on Mar 07, 2007, 9:00 PM


I've Had This Phone for 1 1/2 years

I purchased this phone over 1 year ago. It is very technologically advanced, BUT it freezes like crazy! I am very tech savvy so I know what I'm doing. I've already tried to update my firmware many times. It has even updated itself numerous times when I call tech support. I love the mini-sd slot and the keyboard design is great. The thing I hate about this phone is that it freezes. It freezes, and I don't have any signs until I use it. When it freezes, I miss calls and my battery gets loaded for the whole time it freezes. In order to reboot it, I have to take the batter out and perform a "cold-boot". Another thing I hate about this phone is that it does not ring/vibrate as it should sometimes. I've had it in vibrate mode and 1 hour it will ring fine. A few hours later I'll have the phone in my hand and I would have had 5 missed calls. That really upsets me. I think it's because of Windows, but it might be a firmware update that I might need. I love the text interface, but I hate that you can send images through text. The bluetooth works pretty good. I've only had it fail a few times, but nothing where I would say is sucked. The wi-fi was a not always very good, but all it took was a reboot to find wireless network (typical Windows OS). And my final thought. I'm having a hard time to get it to work on my Mandriva Linux.

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Ray Martinez posted on Jan 23, 2007, 6:42 PM


great phone

i have just had this phone for a week and i love it, i do wish it did have A2DP for the bluetooth, i have been told by UTStarcom that they should have an upgrade by April 2007, like others have said, if you know how to use it you will love it, i watched movie trailers over the weekend with excellent results.

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Festus Bewaji posted on Jan 12, 2007, 12:15 PM


The Best Out there

If you think this phone is garbage thats because you don't know how to use it. The potential of this phone can only be apprieciated by those who know how to use it. I almost have no use for my laptop anymore.

OVERALL EXCELLENT PHONE (if you know how to use it)

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R. Chun posted on Nov 25, 2006, 6:50 PM


Excellent Phone!!!

I absolutley LOVE this phone. Not sure what the others are complaining about, but I originally bought a Treo 700w (Windows Mobile version) from Verizon, but returned it after a couple of weeks because the square screen is absolutely annoying and a good majority of the software out for the Pocket PC (PPC) doesn't work well with a 240x240 screen. I must say, as a phone this phone is about the same as any other cell, but coupled with a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), it's an awesome phone. For those that are looking for more of a phone than PDA, then this is *NOT* the one for you, you should get the Treo 700w which is more of a phone than PDA. For those that want more of a PDA w/phone, then this is ABSOLUTELY the one you want! Fully compatible with all PPC software, the phone/PDA combo is great. Volume can be improved to make it louder, but it does play MP3s well and handles videos/movies with no problems. I have a 1 gig mini SD card for more storage and practically store every add-on program, pictures, videos, movies, etc on it. I play games, read and respond to email, browse the web - all with no problems whatsoever. My only complaint about this phone is that as a "true" PDA more than a phone, you really can't dial a contact from your address book without actually going through a few steps, unlike a regular phone where you can easily scroll through your list then dial within seconds. There is a function to assign "speed dial" numbers to the first 9 numbers on the digital keypad,...  

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Richard Hunsaker posted on Aug 18, 2006, 11:26 PM


Good prototype, but not quite complete

Sound quality is horrible! Sound quality is horrible! Sound quality is horrible!

Verizon crippled the bluetooth but a firmware update seems to fix this. After firmware update is applied, the USB Modem and the Bluetooth modem can be made to work but it takes a lot of time, patience, and knowledge to get this done.

The e-mail function is great. I use this phone with POP3 and MS Exchange. The keyboard is very well implemented considering the small size.

Old firmware versions required frequent reboots. Battery life plummets when multiple applications are running.

Some of the buttons are easy to accidently push. This makes it easy to accidently turn on the voice memo or web browser. It is also very easy to redial or random dial anyone from your address book repeatedly.

Bottom line:
Your friends will be unhappy when they try to talk to you and hear your voice all chopped up. They will also be unhappy when you random dial them. If your friends only use e-mail, they will love communicating with you once you have this toy. Finally, using this as a modem for your PC is a pain.

After 3 months, I gave up and switched to an older phone with less features.

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Tom posted on May 14, 2006, 1:07 PM


Bluetooth voice calling !!!!!!!!!!!

I have been reading this and I find it all very interesting. I've been all about bluetooth since I found out about it 3 years ago (before sprint had a phone to support it and they took their sweet time!) I switched over to the ppc 6601 and was sad to find it did not make voice prompted calls with bluetooth. But then the luckiest thing happened to me, it broke. Sprint didn't have anymore so they sent me a ppc6700. I had expected the same disappointment with this phones bluetooth. Now I'm not one to go hacking around inside my phone. But I do like to have the latest ROM and software updates. So I visited the manufacturer's website to see about any updates they have. I was thrilled to find that in their latest update for the ppc 6700 they had included a voice-dialing program. And lo and behold the damn thing starts when I hit my bluetooth head piece. I was so happy I went running around my house (My girlfriend thought I had lost it!). I've been going around entering this on ever forum I can find on the topic! So if you lucky enough to have this phone please visit http://www.utstar.com/handsets/view_phone_details.aspx?mcode=PPC6700&bID=30&sAct=0 and download the latest ROM and software update. Your days of frustration are over. Also check out their updated user manual, it now includes the voice-command functions. Happiness to all!!!!!

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Codua posted on Feb 27, 2006, 10:34 PM



XV6700 if only it were worth it. I bought this phone and had it probally 3 day then returned it. The sound qulity is horrible you cant hear anything. Even with the speakerphone on its still hard to hear anyone.

The phones software was the most striped thing I have ever seen by any smartphone. Comparing it to the Samsung i730 which I think was the best and most solid device. The XV6700 came with nothing. No extra software besides the normal MS Pocket Word Excel etc.

The XV's picture quality was pretty bad for a 1.3 mp camera. My old Treo 650 had an absoult great picture quality and it was only a VGA, along with camcorder.

The device itself felt like it was going to break when you held it and trying to get the keyboard open, well you pretty much had to pry the ting to open it. The little nav button in the center of the device was horrible it was one of those things that made you want to break it becasue you had no control of which direction you were using it.

The touch screen was another issue you actually had to press pretty hard for the commands, it was a pain and althoguh wasnt the worst ive seen still pretty bad.

Overall the phone isnt worth $400.00 or even $300.00 (when it was first released) IF you want a good solid phoen get a Treo650 or a Samsung i730 better value for your money and both have a flat out solid feeling, as far as UT Starcom goes try again

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phone geek posted on Feb 07, 2006, 6:49 AM


Good phone

Good phone, can improve the volume.Internet explorer you only had limited acces to browers email like yahoo, juno,ect.MSN has full function email.No good functional downloads for voice dial.

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Damon posted on Feb 04, 2006, 7:54 AM


XV6700 is more than a PDA

Once you have read the manual (RT*M) you will see that you now have your computer with you. You CAN use the middle button to scroll to the “S” and then scroll to the desired name and hit call all with one finger, so no worries there. Bluetooth earpiece could have more volume though. Very Good, and well worth the $.
The most convenient and practical PDA/Phone combo yet and if you desire a large keyboard you will want this phone!

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lunastrat posted on Jan 30, 2006, 2:54 AM


Not again!!

I have been a treo 600 user for over a year now but my phone started to go bad. I switch to the Verizon XV6700, hoping to love it but have to say I don't. I think a phone should be a phone first and a pda second. As such, this phone falls short in so many ways. It's very frustrating to use. If you are one who enjoys navigating thru a lot of menus to get to simple items then this phone is for you. On the treo...if I wanted to make a call I would hit the down button...the contacts list would appear...hit 'S' to go to the names that start with 'S'...find the name...hit the center button put the phone to my ear.

On the XV6700 I have to go to the start menu...click down to "contacts"
now comes the fun part...I can pull out the stylus and hit the letters bracketted in groups of three in alphabetical order at the top of the screen or....I can hold the down button to start scrolling through the list of names untill a box appears with a letter in it...continue scrolling until I get to the "S" ...choose the name and hit dial twice to make the call. Trust me...the phone part sucks. Trying to do things on this phone with one hand is an exercise in frustration and if your driving...forget it!

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i730 to VX6700 posted on Jan 28, 2006, 4:24 PM


More mobile friendly than the i730

Just got the VX6700. Used the i730 for ~8months. The VX6700 is more usable in a mobile environment. Easier one handed operation. WM5 of the VX6700 is one step closer to a good mobile system compared to WM2003 of the i730

The slide on the i730 seems to be more solid built. But, time will tell on the VX6700.

Not as many 'software toys' on the VX6700. No VoiceCommand, No RemoteControl, No PicCel. No big deal!

GoodLink runs without any problems

Get the insurance!

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3sixty posted on Jan 23, 2006, 7:20 PM


Awesome PDA!

I had a windows 2003 PDA phone with tmobile. the ipaq 6315. first thing i noticed i like a whole lot more is size. yeah the screen size is smaller than traditional PDA's, but i can deal with that being that the PDA is a lot smaller and not so bulky. the keyboard is the best i've seen/used yet. had a treo 650 and hated it. the keyboard on the treo was tiny. not to mention u have to memorize all the alt codes for basic symbols. so keyboard design a definite plus. i was waiting for this phone forever. definitely worth the wait. i almost got the samsung i730 PDA. but the non-camera/video part made me wait for the 6700. bluetooth works great! wi-fi is awesome. and evdo is fast! there's an easy registry hack that u can have wi-fi and the phone on at the same time. pro to that is you can surf/check email while on the phone. con to it is that wifi slow's down a lot. not sure why. media player 10 is way better than the basic media player 9 for syncing music.

the only complaint i have is that it's really tight when docked in charger/sync cradle. so when you go to pull it out it's hard not to hit and activate the side internet explorer button or notes button. yes i know. very minor complaint. wasn't even sure if it's worthy enough to mention. =P ok. only one more thing to complain about. there are caller ring tones you can assign to contacts. but there isn't a group ring tone for specific categories. like when "business" category people call i have it on the old ringer. but when the...  

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Tikiman_pv posted on Dec 11, 2005, 12:22 AM


What a phone in a little box!!!

This phone is one of the greatest phones that i have ever used> it has all the features of all the phones i have had over the years in one!!!! Dont pass this phone up.

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BurntCalc posted on Dec 03, 2005, 4:23 PM


Gotta love it

Normally I hate windows products, (i'm a mac user), but this phone kicks some serious butt. It's an excellent organizer, and really puts a new spin on how I contact everyone. I'm loving it ALOT.

The drawbacks are simple ones:
- It can be tedious to navigate sometimes. (Making calls though is a SNAP)
- Sending photos via text-message is a real pain (receiving them is easy though)
- I wish some of the touch elements were bigger so that it's easier to use just your finger (right now, the phone part is really the only thing that can be used with your finger easily, which is fine most of the time)
- Ringtones..... UGH!!! Talk about a pain in the butt to set up!

Again, these are nit-picks. The fact that I can surf the net on my wi-fi at home is awesome! The bundled apps are just right. Explorer even works well.

Guys, if you have the cash, this phone is worth it. Believe me when I say you'll forgive its small issues for the sheer power at your fingertips.

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vcbv posted on Nov 12, 2005, 7:51 PM



this phone is garbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ex-BlackBerry Fan posted on Oct 20, 2005, 7:44 PM


One word.. AWESOME!

- Solid feel and weight. I'm not worried about my two year old breaking or swallowing it.
- Beautiful display, and very self-explanatory configuration and use.
- Wireless Modem (my favorite feature) allows you to use your phone as a modem to your laptop for remote internet access. Using dslreports.com's speed test, I clocked my laptop at 703k/sec through this phone (Sprint EVDO network) while sitting passenger in a car on the highway!!!!

- The touch screen is a wee bit too touchy. It's hyper-responsive.
- The stock holster sucks.
- Battery life is dank with the stock battery. Extended life batteries are available however.
- The transcriber doesn't work all that well.
- The keyboard takes a little bit of getting used to.

This is by far the nicest device I've ever used. However, in complete honesty I *HATED* this unit for the first 24 hours I owned it. Now I won't relinquish it. I highly recommend it.

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