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Everyday usage9/10
UI speed9/10
Call quality8/10
Build quality8/10
Text input9/10


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posted on 28 Apr 2014, 05:33 (Posts: 1; Member since: 13 Aug 2012)


good one

wilvanwil has owned it for less than year before publishing this review

I have this phone for a year now, and have enjoyed it, and still do. in a couple of months my plan ends, but I don't really need a better phone yet...even with the growing size of apps, it still manages very well, the overall speed is great, where I came from a dual core 1Ghz, that had lag all the time(Xperia u), this one is still performing great.
The looks I still like, and getting a new phone will be a step backward on that part... I'm thinking of the Nexus 5(a little bit bigger, and way better specs, but not as "beautiful") or Z1 Compact(same size, same screen, better specs and looks are ok).
So let's first see what the market will bring the next few months to top this one in design and specs ;-)

Build quality 8/10 fine build
Reception 8/10
Call quality 8/10
Internet 9/10 perfect, hardly any issues with websites what so ever...
Multimedia 9/10 plays almost everything, and quickly
Camera 8/10 camera is fast and makes good pictures in daylight, but every now and then freezes, and can be draining the battery quickly, and I feel the screen getting warm....
UI speed 9/10 still fine, almost after a year, still fast enough for the ever growing apps!
Everyday usage 9/10
Text input 9/10 I like swype!
Display 10/10 crystal clear!!
Battery 7/10 on a busy (internet /screen usage) day need extra charge, but I'm ok with this


  • crystal clear HD display, 342 ppi
  • speed of Snapdragon processor, dual core 1.5Mhz
  • enough RAM, 1GB
  • mediaserver option
  • design


  • battery, ok for a working day
  • camera hangs every now and then, and then drains the battery

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