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Samsung Freeform 4 User Reviews

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Call quality2/10
Build quality5/10
Text input1/10
Everyday usage1/10
UI speed2/10

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posted on 12 Jul 2014, 14:43 (Posts: 0; Member since: 12 Jul 2014)


This phone SUCKS!

AMCAUDLE has owned it for more than one year before publishing this review

I will tell you... I wish I NEVER got this phone! It was all fine and dandy except for the occasional turning itself on and off and the crappy picture message sending, until on day I had to drop a pebble 5in from the phone onto it it made a HUGE spot on it! It's also getting BIGGER! I can't even read half of my messages! It also takes FOREVER to send and receive picture messages! And ALSO the stupid keypad buttons are freaking TINY half the time my messages turn to gibberish because of the tiny buttons! Also my phone will turn the volume down by itself to silent so I don't here when I get messages or calls! If your not within 3mi. Of a cellphone tower then you get kinda crappy reception! Ugh! NEVER GET THIS PHONE!

Build quality 5/10
Reception 3/10
Call quality 2/10
Internet 2/10
Multimedia 2/10
Camera 2/10
UI speed 2/10
Everyday usage 1/10
Text input 1/10
Display 2/10
Battery 10/10


  • Battery



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