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Asus ZenFone 6 User Reviews

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Build quality10/10
Text input10/10
Everyday usage10/10
UI speed10/10
Call quality10/10

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posted on 12 Sep 2014, 09:13 (Posts: 0; Member since: 12 Sep 2014)


A Review dedicated to All Those Specs Junkies....genuine review and rating !!

minitpatil has owned it for less than 3 months before publishing this review

If you are looking for a great piece of tightly integrated hardware loaded with bloatfree smooth running software, then zenfone 6 is for you. Please note that Asus is one of the best manufacturers and pioneer in Motherboards which life of computing device.

i have asus zenfone 6 golden..processor is Z2580( 2.0GHz) , 2GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal and this is support OTG USB also after updates...some peoples talk about 'discrimination with Indian users about Processor'..its fake or now updated by asus in hardware also..

Good Screen with clear visibility (Ignore that ppi complain. Density is 320 dpi)
Great camera, low light shots are even better than Samsung Galaxy Phones.
Zen UI is elegant and neat. I feel its better than Samsung's touchwiz.
FM is present.

Snappy & lag free experience with GREAT AnTuTu benchmark of 22127 above Note 2 (It Has Z2580 2.0 Ghz dual core with 4 CPU's. Flipkart has mentioned it Wrongly as Z2560 1.6 Ghz. Practically Octa/Hexa Cores are of no use to 95% of users as all phones come with x32 Architecture. Rather go for iphone 5S with x64 architecture processing for next level of experience).
no lag observed.

Battery: Recharge it FULL 100% and then drain it FULL 0%. Repeat this cycle for 2-3 times to unleash its real power. Good Capacity.

Connectivity: Great. Disable smart saver mode when you have wifi disconnects (It happens when your battery is low)

In Short GO FOR IT. its a great productivity + Entertainment Device (Choose Gold/ Red)

every function...  

Build quality 10/10
Reception 10/10
Call quality 10/10
Internet 10/10
Multimedia 10/10
Camera 10/10
UI speed 10/10
Everyday usage 10/10
Text input 10/10
Display 10/10
Battery 10/10

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