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Call quality2/10
Build quality2/10
Text input2/10
Everyday usage1/10
UI speed2/10

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posted on 01 Feb 2014, 22:48 (Posts: 0; Member since: 01 Feb 2014)



bizmirror has owned it for less than 3 months before publishing this review

Bought mine on 10/10/2013 and started breaking down 0n 11/7/2013. The ear piece is so poor quality you cannot hear clearly when driving, freezes very often when performing basic tasks like scrolling down for contact names, In addition its designed to withstand hard impact but mine only had its screen shuttered just from falling from my lap.The battrey runs out very quickly even without using it extensively.
I contacted Sony and even sent my phone to them they said they could not fix it due to 'Quality policy"
I was very dissapointed and stil am .

Build quality 2/10 can withstand simple impact
Reception 2/10
Call quality 2/10 loses network easily
Internet 4/10 gets internet well
Multimedia 4/10 has a variety of options to find music but the volume is very low
Camera 4/10 its good on standard light setting
UI speed 2/10 very poor, very substandard
Everyday usage 1/10 very inconvinient
Text input 2/10 hangs when typing.
Display 3/10 its ok
Battery 2/10 poorest battery I have ever of all the phones I have ever owned.


  • connects quickly at times
  • slim
  • light


  • low quality battery,
  • poor quality ear piece
  • very fragile
  • freezes when in use

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