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Sony Ericsson W960 User Reviews Back

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shuvro posted on Jul 28, 2010, 8:17 AM


Battery performance was poor

i used this phone for 3 months and then had to sell it. reason: poor battery life. i remember i could hardly talk for over 30 mins even after fully charging it, and i use only 2G network.

the reviews here are not talking about this problem, i wonder if i accidentally bought a faulty handset. other than this, i loved this phone and i m still sorry to sell it.

anyone here faced any problem here with w960i in terms of battery?

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Anonymous posted on Jul 04, 2009, 8:17 AM


if u wanna ato buy it u can from sony world it is so nice and have every thing for sony and sony ericsson ........................................................................................ ithought i help u

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Anonymous posted on Jul 04, 2009, 8:12 AM


mark from gbr

my friend buy it and it is so nice fast and sexy
my friend is very happy with his mobile
and i think i am going to buy one
can i ask some one from gbr where can i bue one please

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Anonymous posted on Jul 04, 2009, 8:06 AM


I love Nokia but This Mobile is so nice i wanna to buy one niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeand so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool


  • wifi


  • nothing

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Anonymous posted on Jul 04, 2009, 7:52 AM


The w960

The W960 very fantastic . The W960 gives you many Chances in the Walkman,Camera,Internet and Programes I tried this mobile after three mobiles ( K800i , U900 from Samsung and N82 from Nokia) The W960 is the best .
From The Camera The w960s Camera is very Great it is better than n82's camera and u900's camera
From The Sound The W960's Sound is very high and nice rates is very Excellent and better than u900 & n82
From The Video The W960's Video Is Awfull  The n82's video is better
The W960 looks very sexy and expensive
From The memory it is Fantastice I have now 300 songs and about 250 video and 400 images and pictuers and many games and I have now 5.5 Gb free it is too nice
The Bluetooth and Wlin are Very fast,nice and easy to use
When you Want to see Images on the full size of screen(2.6 inches) it is tooo fantastice like BRAVIA Colours (LCD from Sony) and the same for Videos
The w960 Saves All Calls for 3 monthes or four about 500 call it is better than nokia cause nokia when turn off then turn on it delete all your calls
Radio is so nice and colourful and the w960 can read all the filles(office,PDF,xls……)
The w960 has a scanner for business cards can take the Name,adress,web,email,last name and a lot from the business card
I Think The W960 Is the Best for His Year

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Mavrik posted on Jul 26, 2008, 4:10 PM


wow !!! !!! !!!

man this phone rocks ! well i am moving from a N95 8G cause i broke mine, but wow man.. i never thought it would be that good, some ppl say it lag .. well it rarely does, but still way less the nokia phones, i just hated it had symbian till i used it, the UIQ is fun !
the screen ain't an iphone but the best SE around
sound is superb !
go for it ! it's even cheaper now ! and still better than the comming soon models !!!!!!!!!!

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Shanaka Perera posted on May 09, 2008, 4:08 AM



I got the W960i for AED 2179 from Jacky's on 9th May.

hmm..the sound quality sucks in the i stick to use the headphones of my earlier phone K750i..

i think the music quality is way better in K750i when compared to W960i

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Shiva posted on Apr 07, 2008, 1:42 AM


Jack of all, King of none!!

My list of pros & cons :

1) Price : I bought mine for Dhs 2200/- (roughly INR 23,500/-) in Dubai during January. I personally feel that this price tag doesnt justify the features which it misses out on.

2) Built Quality : Though looks delicate, its very sturdy & well built. Its solid & b assured it will survive minor falls & knocks. But its a finger print magnet, facial grease just sticks on it all the time & u have to keep wiping it off often.

3) Looks & Style : It looks sexy, definitely macho. The keypads r soft & suits ppl with big fingers too. The 3 way jog dial, volume up & down buttons, camera button does its job. Absence of the 5 way D-pad is the biggest con on this phone. This makes the navigation & msgng difficult & sometimes frustrating too

4) Battery performance : For an avg user this will last for 2 days comfortably, but heavy users (4-5 gb data, 8-10 hrs music, 1hr internet, 2 hrs calls) ensure u have spare charger handy cos this will die down by the end of the day. For better battery life & network disable wlan & 3g while not using them & also disable the walkman visualization mode.

5) Ring Volume : Its definitely the loudest SE phone uptil now though it can never beat N95 which has stereo speakers & dedicated sound chip. But b assured u will hear & feel it even at crowded noisy places.

6) Touch Screen : Its good but not the best & cant even come near the iphone. All the main menus & the walkman menus are big enough to b operated with finger touch....  

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FWteini posted on Mar 21, 2008, 6:47 PM


The phone is very complicated to use. You have to be all the time with the manual on your other hand. Really poor battery life. Some menu freezes. vibration on the keys lost after 2 days. Had to do restart, and i'm having it for just 3 days. Not quick share with the pc. Dissapointed in general.

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Zoli posted on Mar 10, 2008, 4:24 AM


Quite good, actually

I own this one for 3 months now, and mainly I'm satisfied with it. I LOVE the design, even the stylus, and although it's made of plastic, it feels pretty solid. It does have a couple of problems I don't like:

- it does have a bit of a lag (I did notice that if you don't close the programs, just let them in the memory, the lag disappear, and I did not notice any drawbacks of letting the programs in the memory)

- the sound quality is quite good, but not loud enough, and it volume strongly depends on the quality of the music file (the higher the gain, tha higher the volume, but for the quality to remain, the bitrate also needs to be high);

- the touch screen is not that sensitive: while it is a good thing it has a cover, this causes not to react to touch, you have to press it a bit.

With all the other things I'm satisfied: good features, stable, did not crash yet, good display quality, handwriting recognition is excellent. A bit overpriced, though, but it was worth it for me, 'cause there are very few phones that I like, and this is by far my favorite.

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me posted on Feb 22, 2008, 1:05 PM


Walkman is rubbish

For a walkman phone...I'm coming from the w800i, it hasn't moved on at all, infact it has gone backwards.
Yes you get a cool interface, but it is far too quite at max volume!
No user eq just rubbish presets, nice sound quality but nothing too different from other w series.

Massive gaps when listening to mixes etc...we are talking 4 second w800 is quicker between mix points WTF!!!!

I short one of the best sounding walkman phones that is useless as you will never hear the music on the tube.

I don't mind the controls tbh, I just stick it in my pocket lock the keypad and use the volume buttons to navigate from track to track, and the button on the inline speaker starts and stops the player.

It is so overpriced and there are no games and apps that are any good for it yet.

I am returning mine and prob get a nokia n95 8gb and a dedicated sony walkman player...the ones in argos go load and have two user eqs...Iwant to be able to shoot ok video and have a compact camera as I have an slr for serious pics.

In short if you don't obsses about music and your hearing is in tact, I have been a dj for 15 years and far two many all night raves have made go a little def, but make no mistake you will need a pocket headphone amp to make this thing heard on public transport.

I was looking forward to this phone...sorry S.E I am no paying for a nokia.....get your act together your in the music business. It is patronising offering this rubbish as a 'walkman' when it is no better than...  

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Matthew posted on Feb 08, 2008, 1:58 PM


Good Phone.

I like this phone a lot. Ive been waiting for this phone to come out and it finnally has.

i love it. but the only 2 problems was the touch screen is not amazing and its a bit too big. acept that this is a realy nice phone..

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SiMpLe SuMeGh™ posted on Jan 20, 2008, 3:48 AM



yup... i found this phone amazing...

its an allrounder phone with Walkman player.... 3.15 mp camera with autofocus.... touch screen.... large storage capacity.... Wi-Fi...and much more.....

it a nice phone both by features n functions.... user friendly interface...

but a little high value phone.....

overall... i am happy with this...

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alvi posted on Jan 18, 2008, 2:11 PM


S.E w960

Waited for a long time to get this fone and what a disappointment the fone was.If this is SE's notion of competitor to the I-phone then it has a lot of catching up to do.The touch screen is nowhere as good as the I-phone's.The manual is very poor and I had to use the vodafone help page and use the w950's features to help me with some of this fone's features.It does not have many wallpapers or ringtones.I have a w900 and not once did I consult the manual and it was a breeze to use. Why does SE persist in not providing 3.5mm jack for their h/fones instead of their pathetic h/fone connectors.Please SE, you are going backwards with what you are offering product wise.I have had SE's in the past four years as contract fones and they were boyh magic fones but this w960 seems to me that they have made it very difficult to understand and work with.I hope that SE will pay attention and make their future products not so difficult to work. This fone could have been a great fone but will disappoint a lot of people,Zico

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crilin posted on Nov 28, 2007, 10:28 PM


Nice ... but

At times you´ll miss joystick, other you´ll find the stylus handy. Most of the time you´ll deal with your finger or nail.

Camera, WIFI b, cool walkman app.

Walkman buttons, can´t get used to shape an sensitivity.
PDFs slopy handling (slow, messy)
Damned auto key blockiing. Forget about unblocking this in your pocket.
Keyboard blocking prevails over walkman keys.
synch tools before official release even usb conecction does not work to synch. Office siut before official release.
Fifa 3d and other cool symbian apps not working on it.
Radio keeps asking for cable headphone to be connected. No support for radio plus bluetooth head set.

Since official software is not released yet I have to use default bluetooth transfer:
Contacts are received as a message and later have to be selected individually. Same thing with songs, even when being tranfered from another SE Walkman phone

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Anonymous posted on Oct 31, 2007, 4:46 AM


I am just going to comment briefly on the flaws, every1 has said its good points, now for the problems.

1) No 3.5mm Jack, the sony erricson jack is irritating and not durable.

2) The interface to move about gets irritating after awhile.

3) NO joy stick, or much less navigation keys but The stylus is okay. However, the stylus gets troublesome if you wanna get things done fast. Like lets say you're in the middle of something important, and you're expecting an important sms? This is a worse case scenario.

4) NICE 2.6 inch screen, but c'mon. 262k colors. Pathetic. Better of with 1.6million.

5) Same problem as nokia. The speaker is bad. Unlike the w850, which is partially covered, this one is not. As a result, music sounds raw and terrible like any nokia phone, sounds like szz szz szzz. THe speaker sounds strained when at max volume.

6) somewhat insensitive touch screen, especially big fingers.


This phone was probably made in a rush, w/o any checking for problems or flaws. They could have at least modified the touch system or at least place navigation keys. This is a real beast to navigate with in a hurry.

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Anonymous posted on Oct 29, 2007, 2:11 PM


Not bad ... could be better !!!

the phone DOES support WMA (8 and 9)
the major drawback for me is lacking Java CDC in the firmware as i use this for programing in C.

the video quality could be better.

should had a memory card slot! (it will come handy in trouble times)

so highly priced (does not worth that much)

apart from that this is a big punch from SE.

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ak posted on Oct 27, 2007, 3:30 PM



it is a really cool..fone..touch screen..amzin sound quality..3.2 mp camera..which is 8 gb!!

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Gab posted on Oct 27, 2007, 5:16 AM


Its quite good

Well i am a big fan of sony ericssons', and i honestly got to say this, to people who are looking to buy this phone, think twice! The connectors that come with any type of sony ericsson phones always spoil after awhile ( Either that or its me with rough handling, i usually bring my phone along to camping trips and outdoor stuff. =P ) So the point i am bringing across is that with 8 gb internal memory, you're gonna use the USB cable a hell lot. That would mean that after 1 month of using your USB cable, in order to connect to the com, you would need to use rubber bands.. etc. Anything, even contact cleaner just to get good connectivity. The slightest bump will transfering stuff will screw up whatever is ongoing. After a few months, i have almost no connectivity, and it gets fustrating. I buy a new album, i get so angry just transfering songs into this phone. Hence, this phone would be AWESOME if it came with a card slot and with support of 8 gb memory sticks instead. However, if you're very passive user of the cable, like lets say once every few months and you transfer songs or anything else rarely this phone may be quite good for you!

Overall i would suggest this : get a blue tooth dongle if you wanna transfer less than 10 songs, themes, pictures of serveral videos.

One more thing, if you think the USb cable is the only thing affected, try the headset. Its that bad. After 6 months, i am always trying to get connectivity to the phone while walking on the streets. SOmetimes...  

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Thomas posted on Oct 26, 2007, 8:47 AM


the phone itself looks quite good and the function it has is alrite as well... the sound quailty is not that bad similar to the other walkman phones... 8GB internal memory sounds pretty good but thats the disadvantage of the phone... once the phone screws up... watever important stuff u saved on the phone is lost forever... so theres the disadvantage of the phone itself havin no external memory slot... if i had to choose i would choose P1 over this phone... both have stylus, same MP camera with autofocus, both lack GPS(which isnt a big deal), same battery life, nearly everything is the same... but P1 can also play WMA music so u dont need to convert if u have a WMA music file... where as W960 doesnt... W960 may seem like the best to most people but there are still much improvement needed on this phone...

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