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toby23 posted on Oct 31, 2007, 5:11 PM


T650i - First Impressions

I picked up a T650i today to replace my k800i.

It's smaller, it's better built, it's sturdy and those strange looking buttons on the keypad are actually really good for text input. they work great.

the animated light themes are a gimic, they're nice but it's an idea that's not been properly implemented yet. i just spent 3 hrs remaking a theme i made for my k800 because of the 3 installed, i can't use any of them.. they are all dark with weird colour combinations... at least to my eyes... also, there's some kind of funny time related easter eggs in this phone... tonight (31.10) i've got a screen full of animated pumpkins! i wonder what christmas has in hold for me? :)

the newly designed desk stand is a joy to use, sturdy, secure and it looks great... along with the new ringtones, it looks like SE have finally accepted that Apple do a great job and have let themselves be infulenced in a positive way (imo) by the design and audio dept at apple... check out how similar the ringtones are to the iphone...

my only gripe, and it's a big one is that the backlight is VERY YELLOW. It will add its own lovely tint of ochre to all your beautiful photos that you've made with the 3.2mpx camera. ALL my photos and background pictures have a yellow tint on this phone.
SONY, if you're out there... please correct this minor bug with a firmware update in the near future. this is a fantastic phone but please make the colours bright and white again!

if you need a phone to sms, make snapshots, it...  

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anna posted on May 24, 2007, 12:36 AM


Best of the Best

hey this phone is the best.. Great design lovely keypad so unique,lovely camera...Done know bout the speakers,Hope the sound quality is good as well...When is this phone coming out am waiting its so cute.. I want it...

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Omar posted on May 19, 2007, 7:36 PM


Finally T is back

wonderful. Finally T-Series is back with a great phone.
1- Nice Design.
2- Nice size and weight.
3- The camera is great but I wish that it has Xenon flash.
4- I think the sound will be great.
5- Surley the price will be great :)

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