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Brad posted on Aug 11, 2004, 6:35 AM



I have owned a T200 for about 18 months.

On the upside: it's a comfortable size and shape to carry around, the reception seems better than people around me when in areas of poor signal strength. It's very robust, I drop it a lot and it hasn't malfunctioned and the casing takes knocks without looking badly scratched or damaged.

On the downside: The buttons have never become easy to use, they are just fiddly or something poor in the design and same goes for the software programming. I have found it difficult to save incoming numbers and retrieve numbers whilst talking and stuff like that.. it's just not intuitive and feels like everything takes an excessive number of clicks to do.

If you dont use a lot of extra features, the downsides of this phone probably dont matter. The ergonomic comfort, battery life and support for travelling overseas are good reasons to choose it.

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Aaron posted on Jul 08, 2004, 2:21 PM


Sony Ericsson

Opinion: Its an ok phone with triband support

only a substandard keypad

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