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Haikal posted on Oct 14, 2009, 12:08 PM



had this phone for almost two years now.
and i have to say i'm dissapointed with it..
prefer my older K750i alot more..
firstly, the camera quality is bad..
grainy and there's noise..
the battery life is quite low too..

but. this phone sure is durable..
dropped it at a height of 2Metres 2 days back and it's still working 0.0


  • - media player looks nice


  • - camera quality is bad (grainy)
  • - battery life is short

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Roybie posted on Oct 06, 2008, 9:13 PM


Nice phone

I like my sony k630i. It does what they advertised it to do. Nonetheless, here are the shortcomings I found with this phone. First, it hangs. I solved this problem by updating the firmware using the sony update service found in the CD or can be downloaded from their website. I also noted that putting a strap on the phone may cause the back cover to not close snuggly with the body. This probbly causes the sim card and battery to also have poor contact with their respective terminals. After making sure that the strap was placed within the little slot provided for it in the back cover plate, I did not experience any hang problems anymore. Another quirck is when you activate the free gadget PIM wall paper. When you try turn it off via the applications area of the phone, it seems to keep coming back and your old wall paper won't appear. I solved this by going to the wall papers area and selecting the other options other than "application". This should prevent the PIM application from hijacking your standby screen. Next, this phone isn't too ergonomic. I have big hands and, although the buttons are large and easy to push, my thumb is beginning to hurt especially when I have to press the lower 3 buttons repeatedly. The good things I found with this phone is that the speakers are nice and loud, it allows me to connect to the internet wherever there is a cell site signal which I could the link to my laptop via bluetooth allowing me to surf anywhere (service provider dependent). I've had...  


  • Nice internet experience
  • very functional phonebook
  • powerful copy/paste function
  • great speaker


  • slow contact retrieveal
  • hang issues
  • hard to reach keys
  • camera as afterthought

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