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omasanga posted on Nov 29, 2009, 3:40 AM
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This phone is terriblE!

I have used this phone.I hate it like anyhting.It stinks.If you are planning to buy it,i'd like to advise you to have a look at something else.Perhaps the G900 will suit you better.But this phone won't suit anybody.Even a beggar might reject the damn thing.If only i had  known this before i got it.Hoping my experience will change your decision.CameraYeah,the camera is a wonderful 3.2 mp one.You may ask,what more does one need?It also has flash.Yet,the pics look so yuk!and no better than a VGA camera.The camera is not even worth a dust particle when compared with SE Cybershot phones.I'm wondering why the makers of such great camera phones would end up with such a bad camera.Its awful.I'm a big fan of SE but this is its worst invention ever.The pics all look kinda dark and lack quality.MusicThe music quality is not highly exceptional but its not as bad as the camera.Its okay and fine enough to hear music.No,not as good as the Walkman but not very disappointing.The earphones work fine too.The music part is not too bad.StructurePersonally,i dislike the very shape of the thing and would never have bought it.It was gifted to me.Also,i like phones which have protective covers for the camera lens.But the camera's so bad,it isn't worthy of protection!However,it doesn't have a joystick,so its manageable.It has the circular cursor thing.Now let me warn you,please take very very good care of the phone.Coz its so fragile,worse thna glass.Asmall drop from my low-lying bed and the...  


  • Music's ok


  • Boring display
  • Boring features
  • Boring camera
  • Just too boring.

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Sanjay Rai posted on Aug 14, 2009, 11:59 PM


Excellent Buisness phone

G700 is fully loaded B phone. Blackberry feature is also there. DOC editor is an excellent feature. 100% satisfaction and best value for money. A must buy...


  • Soft Keypad, touchscreen, DOC editor, 3.2 MP camera, Handwriting recognition and blah blah..


  • Nothing

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somya posted on Jan 30, 2009, 8:02 AM


storage problem in g700

Hi I am facing a problem in my cell phone Sony Ericsson G700. The problem is that it is showing wrong memory..the phone memory is getting used up day by day as i'm using my cell, whether i listen to songs or i click photographs or use any other application!! There are different areas where the memory is used up in the phone memory like: Media files Camera Messaging Contacts Standby etc.. The camera memory is used up when i click photos and with it Stand by memory also fills but when i delete those photographs camera memory becomes zero but Standy still shows the same incremented value!!! The problem in my cell is that this standby memory fills. I'm not able to figure out where is this memory utilised?? The memory fills up gradually and consequently the whole 160 mb (phone memory) gets exhausted within no time. Kindly solve this problem...


  • features are excellent


  • using the cellphone beacuse of storage problem

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Krema posted on Jul 28, 2008, 7:12 AM



I got this phone, and I'm stuned. This device is exelent.

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