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Hairul rul posted on Feb 27, 2010, 1:30 AM



Ive been using this phone for 2 months and a lot of negative things happened to it.there is a lot of dust when u slide the camera open and the flash is so dim.when u take pictures at night using this phone there is no diff if u use a phone which has no flash.the keypad is very hard to press n when u want to message to your friends u will be pressing with difficulty as it is hard to press.Other than that the music and others are fine but i recommend u to use touchscreen phones as it is more easier but if u wanna use budget phone DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!!!!

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gagzli posted on Nov 11, 2009, 7:43 AM


looks nice but-------stay awaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!1

Had this phone 4 two months and was very pleased with it at first.Nice built and feels good in your hand.Camera was my first dissopointment-low light results in blurry pictures and when i say low light it means when it gets in a shade of a three in a park its strugells with iso,and image stabilazor?????What a bulls--t!!!!Second-display is toooo dark and small 4 its price,its dark becouse of this light sensor which cannot be turned of.And at the end the most important thing is very,very,very weak signal strenght.Frustrating stuff,,,Im back to k800-its way cheaper and nothing written above has to do with this model.The best sony ericson in ma opinion in price to 200euro.The guy in a mobile phones store told me that many of this models have a software problems.
Sorry about my english.


  • built,battery,call qualitty when i have signal


  • camera in low light,signal strenght goes up down a lott

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ShadoVRaven posted on Oct 19, 2009, 4:47 PM



I got this phone for 11 months and I am pretty satisfied. C902 design is very innovative and stylish. Phone is solid, slim ( looks like new after 11 months of use ) and made from good quality materials ( case made from metal, screen from mineral glass ) Buttons, dpad and camera touchscreen are comfortable to use. 5 megapixels camera delivers excellent photos quality in daylight and minor quality in low lighting conditions and minor quality videos recorded with 320 * 240 resolution and 30 fps. Music quality with speaker and headphones is also impressive, it provides clear sound and powerful bass. Most of time phone is fast except multimedia where it starts to be really sluggish sometimes.Internet browsing is quite fast and enjoyable thanks to HSDPA.


  • - Good camera.
  • - Solid build quality.
  • - Excellent music quality.
  • - Stylish, slim and innovative design.
  • - Camera touchscreen buttons.
  • - HSDPA.


  • - Minor photos quality in low light condition.
  • - Video quality isn't impressive.
  • - Slugish sometimes.

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Clarence posted on Sep 04, 2009, 11:11 AM



  I have used the C902 for 13 months now and I have experienced many problems with the phone. First the slide cover collects a lot of dust which is almost impossible to remove. Secondly after using the phone for one year, the moisture caused the glue of the keypad to become less sticky as the keypad is glued on, unlike other SE phones. Also, i realised that most m2 memory cards are slot into a slot in the phone, but this is not the case for the c902. In the c902, the memory card is held in by a metal holder. it can easily be lost as it is very loose and can drop out. Lastly, when you use the camera's zoom to its maximum, the picture becomes very grainy and unfocused.

  The phone has its plus points though, it has a super bass, unique touchkeys and video call abilities.
  Overall I think this is a good phone because of its touchkeys when the camera is activated which most other SE phones do not have although I do not recommend this phone to rough people like myself who are prone to dropping or damaging the phone..€


  • Super bass, touchkeys, 5 megapixel camera


  • Glued on keypad. Sliding cover, metal M2 card holder

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Said Said posted on May 05, 2009, 5:10 PM


It is nice phone with the 5MP

like I been now with it like 1 month and I find out the Slide-up lens cover collects massive amounts of dust in  then I open the lens cover I found it was lots of dusts but I liked it because it got James bond edition and the 5MP with camera touchkeys and the battery cover is staniless steel, Slim and stylish metal case, Scratch resistant 2" TFT 256K colors display.

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Michael& posted on Apr 22, 2009, 4:59 AM



After using this phone for more than 4 months, I found out that this phone has unique functions.. including onscreen touchkeys when camera is activated which most sony ericsson phones does not have. It can take good and high quality pictures but somehow can said to be in an average position compared to other phones from sony ericsson and also from other brands. Compared to the famous Samsung OMNIA, the touchscreen phone with 5 megapixel camera also boast a high quality standard.. comparing with C902, obviously C902's pictures is a little darker while Samsung OMNIA's pictures were brighter.. Any sony ericsson phones with camera.. can take goof pictures but the picture turns out a little dark.. even if there's light in the background.. The music quality.. can said is clear.. with/without stereo widening.. but when using loud speaker to play it out loud.. the sound quality is not really good compared using earpiece.. All phones are good in certain thing and bad in certain things


  • High quality picture/video
  • Onscreen Touchkeys
  • LED/Illumination/Backlight
  • 2-Axis Accelerometer( Between Landscape and Portrait Mode )
  • Slim/ Light Weight


  • Digital Zoom(1x~16x) : Blurred picture/ Bad quality
  • Easy Spoil due to too many functions
  • Lagging
  • No Wi-Fi( Not able to access into wireless internet connection )

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Saheen posted on Mar 14, 2009, 5:29 AM


Good phone

I have this phone for 3 months now and i like it very much. It has a lot of possibilities and it does not get boring. The phone itself is not too heavy, and not too big or small. It has a businesslike (black) look but you can also get it in other colours and its quality is very good. You can do a lot with music and photos. I had a lot of phones from Nokia and i like Nokia but i can tell you this; this phone is better than any Nokia phone i had


  • Quality Phone
  • Quality Pictures
  • Possibilities Phone
  • Right Seize, right weight


  • NO WIFI (so you cant pick up internetsignal of your wireless internet at home)

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Lolish posted on Jan 19, 2009, 2:40 PM


Got a bit boring!

This phone is good but it soon gets boring due to the fact that all sony ericssons are similar and that i'm used to using sony ericssons but the camera is the best feature but not anything special.

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ArAsh posted on Nov 17, 2008, 3:06 PM


Really cool

I had a Sony Ericsson k750 and that was really cool in both of the multimedia and performance! and the next episode of the cool phones in SE is something like this phone! this is really cool specially under JP 8.3

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aires posted on Aug 29, 2008, 6:39 PM


Really good product.

This phone is very good, the size, image, sound, colour definition, very practic to operate, the video record is excelent and the photo quality is amazing.The keaboard is a little hard but the rest of hardware is a hymn of technology, solid construction, good autonomy, the interactive screen of modo camera is very intuitive and pratic. If you search a good phone for the practic aspects of live this is the right choise.
P.S.- Excuse me my english.

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