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KeepNTouch posted on Jun 24, 2009, 8:49 AM


Nice Phone

I left a Palm 755P for this phone.  The voice quality on the Palm was fair, my bluetooth connections dropped and I had to fight with the Palm interface for MP3.  I also missed my voice dialing that my old Sanyo MM8300 had.  The Eclipse has excellent sound on voice calls and nice sound on the MP3 player.  Everything works well and I don't have to fight with software to make things happen.  I customized my D buttons for my text, MP3, Bluetooth and email.  My phone alerts me with a subtle vibration that I have email.  The screen is a bit small for the internet, but I felt the same with the Treo 755p.  If I want to surf the web, I'm using my computer, but it's nice to quickly check things.  I like the navigation feature... it talks to me.  The internet connection blows a few Blackberries out of the water even though the screen is small.  Music controls on the outside are nice.  I'm a bit of phone - holic.  I like Sanyo products.  They are not cutting edge, but with a history of excellent the sound quality they are a safe bet.  All four lines on my account are Sanyo products.  Eclipse, Katana DLX, Katana II and MM8300 (yep still works well).  I have the 755p in a box as a backup phone in case something breaks.
The phone is a little TOO LIGHT, easy to forget you have in on, for this reason I don't trust it on my waist (it's a purse or pocket phone for me)


  • excellent sound quality on calls
  • good sound quality on MP3
  • t9 texting
  • lights up to alert you of new text message
  • used flashing lights on music player when jogging in early morn


  • Screen size

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retrobeast posted on Oct 21, 2008, 2:34 PM


bye bye Katana

Well I was excited when I got my new Eclipse last week, was. At first I thought it was a bad connection but then it happened every phone call. When the person spoke I hear static on every word. So I was trying to get another Eclipse for exchange but the stores by me do not have it so I am going with a Samsung Rant.
I will not only save $70 bucks but also get a nicer over all phone too.


  • nice looking with fast internet access on my SERO plan.
  • flip
  • nice protective cover for low cost on ebay


  • bad voice reception
  • pain in butt dealing with sprint indians to solve the problem
  • charging jack location

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Maria posted on Aug 20, 2008, 10:02 AM


Solid Phone/Nice Features

Excellent sound quality on calls, speaker and MP3. After all a phone MUST be first a PHONE. There are about 100 speed dials. I personally like to be able to work a phone with one hand (while I drive) and dial, so I don't work well with touch screens. I don't want to worry about locking a phone and unlocking a phone everytime I dial. The screen resolution is must nicer than the DLX. The clarity of the letters are better so if you almost need glasses for reading, you may not need your glass for this phone. The email interface is much nicer than the DLX. The speaker phone quality is very good. It's lighter in weight and it's a SANYO. They make solid phones that last. The user interface is about the same as the DLX, but it is much improved. So you can view your most recent calls everytime you end a call, or your most recent addresses when you send email. The customizable illumination is a cool feature. Texting is quicker or should I say more responsive than with the DLX. Picture quality is OK, but I don't use my phone as a camera much. Sprint Music store has an upgraded user interface on this phone as well.
Introductory price through Sprint makes this an EXCELLENT value. Oh.. and it now has speaker independent dialing, as well.

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David posted on Aug 18, 2008, 11:27 PM


I've always have had Sanyo phones, good quality for the money. Didn't come with a data cable though. even the manual describe transferring data via cable (not supplied). Remarkable sound Quality for a small phone mp3 player,tv GPS etc.

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