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Adam Dunn posted on Nov 19, 2009, 4:54 PM


Decent phone

About 4 months ago, i had a Samsung sgh-639 (i think thats what the model was) broke down after a year of hardcore texting. This phone for me is considered average. The thing about this phone i hate the most is the battery life. It does NOT last the day, but as an overall phone, it was pretty decent. if your a person who loves texting and only does texting, this phone is for you. If your looking for an overall phone, not worth it in my mind. I would rather spend the money to get a phone to last the whole contract. i have had the phone like i had said earlier for about 4 months and some of the paint is coming off. It has a little delay sometimes when texting due to an overload of the phone.this phone short and sweet is a texting phone.  


  • very fast texting.
  • has somewhat easy access to the web.
  • very sleek and tiny. (you wont even notice that its in your pocket).


  • can be lagy at a couple times but not enough to hate the phone
  • i dont like the fact that the texting has no signature, friends have been wanting me to get a phone with a signature.

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Josh posted on Jun 21, 2008, 10:10 PM


Its alright i guess.....

Hello, my name is Josh. I have had this phone for about 4 months now, and its a great phone! But dont let the sexy style fool you!


Style-The phone is only .27 of an inch!! Its got a nice color that can match everything and the screen is beautiful!

Texting-The t9 feature on the phone is an amazing! It helps alot when you text! It also sends messages quickly.

Screen-The screen is very nice and reflective when the phon is off! The images are very sharp and ver rarely blurred or pixelated!

Features-This is a regular phone, so the features arent anything impressive...just your average abilities(calculator, calender, etc.) but it does have and mp3 player and a 1.3mp camera.

Video/Camera-The camera on this is not your average 1.3mp camera! The pictures come out GREAT! Im not talking 8.2 Digital Camera great, but the photos are nice unfortanately you can only SEND a video that is under 30 seconds. The videos can record up to about 1:20. Memory cards do not improve video recording time.


Battery Life-The battery life on this phone is good, but if you talk alot or text alot the battery dies quickly. Dont get me wrong;its not gonna dies after a few text messages, but without texting at all the batery lasts about 2 or 3 days. I charged mine for 25 hours, which could have affected the battery.

Signal Strength-The signal strength on this phone is usually ranging from fair to good.(3 bars to 5 out of 6) However, in most buildings it goes down.


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tracer-519 posted on Jun 22, 2007, 11:20 AM


Good phone, but not a smart phone

There is a lot to like about this phone. Nice looking, feels good, small and discrete, MP3 Player, VIdeo player, Camera and Camcorder. The reception seems OK in Small town FL with t-mobile and the volume is ok most of the time and you can boost it with the speakerphone option.

I like my t-519 but it is not a smart phone. One of the problems is that t-mobile has crippled the java functionality so that you can only use java progams provided by t-mobile. No Opera browser, No google mobile, No GMail... Just games from t-Mobile.

The keyboard is flat and a little hard to navigate by touch. The 4-direction key for menu navigation is a little clumsy. If you have bigger fingers, try it out first.

If you get this phone and want to use the MP3 and video player capabilities you should also buy the following:
-USB Data cable (much faster than bluetooth for file transfers to phone)
-Micro-SD Memory card. (2GB for about US $15-$25)
-Headphones adapter (Headphones plug is rectangular Samsung )
-Samsung PC Studio (To convert movies to 3GP for viewing on the phone)

I'm pretty happy with the phone, but if you are looking for a cheap smartphone, this isn't it.

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