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Samsung SPH-M500 User Reviews Back

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Please note that each user review reflects the opinion of its respectful author and not of PhoneArena.

heidi posted on May 27, 2009, 9:17 AM


Cheap phone

This phone was junk. It fell apart into pieces and before the third month came by it was totally wrapped up in duct tape to keep it together. I calle sprint and they did NOTHING as far as offer a replacement or exchange. The customer service rep bad mouthed me and talked down to me. I almost canceled the contract. I was embatrrassed to carry this phone. I had to save up money to buy a new phone. Cost me almost $300 since i was only a new customer and did not qualify for a discount. i am so mad that a brand new phone fell apart before my eyes. Its was unbelievable. This phone was a free phone with a two year contract. no wonder it was free its junk


  • Attractive in red, before i had to duct tape it that is


  • everything. bvery cheap quality and sound and no features to make it special.

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R posted on Mar 21, 2008, 1:05 AM


not so hot

As stated with all the comments above, over all ,the phone is great...
HOWEVER My FIRST one had a speaker malfunction, and the Second one had the same problem. I suppose my larger discontent is that qwest has not only discontinued the phone, but will not replace it or warrenty it because it was actually 2 weeks past warrenty.... yep.... only two weeks and they wouldn't honor it. I went by the addage that you get what you pay for .... not the case. I like the phone, BUT.... unfortunately if it doesn't work, then that settles it! kinda like: I got gas for 79 cents a gallon...I'm just out !!!

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Kelly Rathgeber posted on Aug 30, 2007, 7:58 PM


Great phone

I bought this phone for my sister as I have the A900 and love samsung. The file transfer is easy as 1-2-3 (btw you have to connect it to your PC, go to tools, select mass storage, connect to PC, then in your PC select my computer and find the phone in your list of drives, then just transfer as a copy and paste to the phone folder. This is the way to do it with my A900 and this phone as well. Slim small phone makes great for storage however i find i would break it quickly. great selection of ringtones little lame on the graphics side but downloads are wonderful things. expandable memory upto 1GB (something the A900 doesnt have) and bluetooth capabilities. Has everything youre looking for all in one for a really great price. I would definately recommend this phone

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Alfred posted on Jul 16, 2007, 10:03 AM


Nice phone, horrible docs & no driver

The SanDisk card that comes with the phone is an adapter so that you can transfer files from the micro card that comes with the phone. My laptop has a slot for SanDisks so it worked out great, at least we were able to transfer our videos and photos.

My biggest gripe is that the phone does not have a driver available but comes with the PC cable! Makes it impossible to back-up the address book or charge the phone using the USB cable. Add to this the really bad documentation...

There apparently is software for it on the main Samsung website, but it is in Korean and there is no option for selecting language.

On the plus side, the videos that this phone takes are great for a camera. I have used several cameras and this one gave the sharpest, cleanest video and with the SanDisk card (up to 512MB) some decent videos can be taken.

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Calvin posted on Mar 12, 2007, 9:26 AM


I love ths phn!

This is an amazing phone! I researched about two days b4 buying this phn to replace my lost A920 and I'm very happy w/ my purchase. This is a slick, fast (Samsung must have upgraded their microchip for this next generation of phns...awesome!) and fairly affordable ($229 local sprint store).

Comparable strong signal strength to A920 (cheapo models like the Lg vi 125/225 have lesser signal strength)

Fast GUI-navigating menus, texting, and other functions fast (faster than A920)

Fast predictive text that learns your common abbreviations and can even incorporate your phn book names into the dictionary

Voice command (dialing, voicememo-altho on my phn this seems to malfunction...will have to exchange shortly

Cool MP3 player--connect included USB cord, go to Menus > Tools > Mass Storage....shortly your phone appears as a USB device where you can upload mp3s, AACs to the Media Folder (must first create folder go to Media Player > Create Folder)

Bright 176 x 220 internal screen

Fast camera (much faster than A920!); can use external screen to take self pictures w/ friends

MicroSD card

Large internal memory 50 MB


Lightweight (conversly people will say the battery life is less than ideal)

Cool form factor (love how the profile of the clam is curved and not just flat) and comes in a cool red metallic color (will see how long it'll last scratch free tho)

Can't comment on bluetooth functions as generally I'm not a fan

My biggest hesitation were the smooth...  

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Randolph Jansen posted on Feb 22, 2007, 9:22 PM


Good Stuff

Voice to Text is hot. I can text my friends in the car by just talking to my phone.

Also, Spanish to English dictionary is included. Includes bad words (yes!).

Gets very loud, plays mp3's and Video ringers(which are awesome).

For the $29.99 I paid, I highly recommend this phone.

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Scott posted on Feb 12, 2007, 4:33 PM



I'll have to take the other reviewer's word for it that this the phone itself works well, since the user manual is so bad that I have yet to use most of the advertised features and don't have time to figure it out by trial and error. Apart from the fact that the instructions that appear in the manual aren't great, key instructions appear to be completely missing and, even when features are described, they are frequently no where to be found in the index. For example, it says that the phone plays MP3 files, yet no driver for downloading files comes with the phone and there are absolutely no directions on where or how to find one. Moreover, there is a chip in the box that is labeled SanDisk micro SD/Transflash Adapter, yet I can find NOTHING in the index for 'sandisk', 'microSD', 'transflash' or 'adapter'. On that basis alone, I couldn't recommend this phone.

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Terry posted on Feb 08, 2007, 1:33 PM


Great phone

This is the best phone I/ve seen yet. I almost bought a more expensive phone because I did not see the voice dialing feature in the phone description. The only reason I didn't give it a full 10, was that I can not find a driver to connect this phone to my pc for file transfer. Sprint sells a software to use this phone as a modem, but that's not what I'm looking for. Since it is new... maybe the software/driver will come out soon. If you are going to buy a Bluetooth headset for this phone... get it over the net from, they have the wireless stereo headset for less than the store sells the cheap one. Sprint sells a $120.00 one that you can get from Samsung for $25.00 and they have free shipping.

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R Sanchez posted on Jan 26, 2007, 11:24 AM


Techie with a Techie Phone

Wow, this phone is amazing. It has bluetooth 2.0. Which means that stereo bluetooth headphones with a mike work like a charm. It has voice recognition you you can speak full sentences to it, and it will take it down as dictation. The speaker phone functionality is a bit hidden, but of good quality as well. Add a 512 or 1G micro-SD chip and you have a fully functional media center in your pocket. Awesome phone!

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Nancy posted on Nov 20, 2006, 8:52 PM


Sweetheart of a phone

My husband and I bought the razor phones and regretted it as soon as we got home and tried to use them. Very poorly designed in many aspects and not user friendly at all! He returned his the next day and got the LG Fusic. He went on an out of state trip (to NC) and said it gave him so-so service.

I decided to get the A920 but the sales lady brought me the Samsung M500 instead because it is newer and she thought I'd prefer the size of it better. I love it. It is easy to use, has more than adequate choices of ring tones (the one thing we hated about the razor was the ghetto ring tones) and is unbelieveably light weight! I bought the red one but the silver is really classy. Everything about this phone is a joy. The one thing that takes some getting used to is the menu button - sort of small - but everything else makes up for that.

Sound quality is excellent. Design is excellent as far as getting to the memory stick (a nightmare with the Razor) and the buttons on the outside are not in the way.

Again, I love this phone!!

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