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David Chock posted on Jul 16, 2005, 11:06 AM


Severe Echo Problem and Short Battery Life

I have used this phone for a few months now. After the first month, I started hearing complaints from the people I talked to on the phone about an echo of their own voice. Took it to the Sprint PCS store, they "fixed" it, but the problem persisted. The store finally exchanged it with another identical phone. Same problem occurred. Another Sprint PCS store "fixed" it, but this time, not only the problem persisted, the phone had cracking sound. And the people I talked to complained about a distorted voice echo. I am still trying to exchange the phone to a different brand. The phone also has incredibly short battery life. After the phone is fully charged in the morning, the battery charge status indicator drops to only one bar in the afternoon after I place two or three short calls (less than five minutes each) on the same day.

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Marty posted on Dec 27, 2004, 12:17 AM


Samsung SPH-A760

Nice if you like small and light without feeling or looking cheap. Nice display but somewhat difficult to read in bright sunlight and impossible if set into Powersave mode (which dims the display). I wish the side buttons weren't there; they're too easy to push when you don't want to use those functions. User interface done pretty well otherwise. The menu system easy to navigate. Good thing too, because the user manual is worthless.

RF performance is fine, though Sprint's coverage can be spotty at times.

Biggest complaint is the battery life; too short! After indicating a full charge (3 battery indicator bars) in about 3.5 hours, after a day's normal use it went down to 1 bar. Perhaps the battery charge-remaining info is somewhat non-linear. It seems perhaps to go awhile on that one bar, but I am concerned that it can't go two days of normal use without needing a charge, like numerous previous phones could do. I disabled the ReadyLink feature and kept it in Power Save mode (dims the display somewhat), but the battery life still is too short. Perhaps it would be better with the bigger capacity battery. This one is the standard capacity battery. I think Sprint should GIVE away extra capacity batteries with these phones. I've never had a phone that made me feel like I had to charge it every night.

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