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Marc posted on Jul 07, 2008, 6:52 AM



Ever since i lost my first Samsung in a cab coming home, i vowed to grab me another. However, its been 2 years since my SGH-E was driven away and newer models from Samsung haven't really got my attention. So i brought a HTC touch. A window based operating system, with touch flow innovation (a product which launched in battle to take down I-phone). And that was my first PDA... My HTC lasted 6 grueling months, with multiple screen + USB port problems.... But surprisingly I grew accustomed to the phone very quickly; it was easy to pick up. The menu layout was amazingly simple and easy to use. The only down side to the story is that the 2.1 mega-pixel camera deserves some what better lens and My point is…. “I only used half the appreciations on board the PDA phone….”

That is why turned to use the SGH-700… it looks great.. it feels great in your hand… the applications are there to be used, thus, not too excessive… the 3 mega-pixel cam with build in flash takes great photos, and has great features…. The screen is “pretty” and bright (240 x 432 pixels) …. Personally the whole package looks better than the I-phone… the head sets that comes with it sounds great.. Plus the QWERTY keyboard is un beatable for emails and SMS…

Its been 5 days since I first got the phone and the problems I’m facing with the F700 so far are:
- when you accidentally call someone, you have to push two buttons in order to cancel hang up the call,. And that can be tricky sometimes…
- the...  

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Riverholder posted on Jun 10, 2008, 5:59 PM



I think i'll buy this phone... it's true that it have some problems, but i don't care! It's nice, well designed, and it got a QWERTY keyboard-what's very important to me! The web browser is also great and very user-friendly! So... I wanna see how it works with my own eyes!

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jmoore726 posted on Mar 18, 2008, 12:02 PM


What a phone!

Ok, I thought long and hard about this phone, and even tho I went out on a jump when I bought it, im glad I did.

I was supprised, i usually heard bad things about them. But so far i've had no problems with mine, and its now 4months old.

Brilliant phone, amazing interface, and when used with Vodafone, it is brilliant for things such as music station and web browsing!


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mark posted on Feb 24, 2008, 2:33 PM



Mr kings opinions are spot on, the TS interface is 2nd only to the iphone, and the rest of the phone performs well too.

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- posted on Feb 20, 2008, 10:38 AM


A let down

The good review is definitely from someone with inside interests. This phone appears to have decent features, but the touch is awful in comparison with the iPod or iPhone - slow, unresponsive and inaccurate. It would often freeze completely requiring a phone restart for me.

The camera too is particular poor for a 3mp headliner - nearly always noisy.

Email client completely nonsensical.

I will be getting mine replaced under warranty and then will ebay for another phone.

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christopher posted on Dec 24, 2007, 12:49 PM


Bad Apple

I'm going along with the first review of this phone. The one below me almost sounds like a commercial for it in the last few sentences.

I found the os to be incredibly laggy and slow! It's not user friendly at all and it's difficult to find and navigate to things. The touch pad is just plain terrible. As previously mentioned you have to hit buttons numerous times to get them to work. My signal was bad to, I missed a bunch of calls as it never rang, just went to the voice mail.

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jonathan King posted on Dec 10, 2007, 6:29 AM


Samsung F700

Don't know what the other review before was on about for the most part. The camera could be better - slow to focus/not good in poor light (everything else camera-wise is good though), there can be a few too many key presses/screen touches to do (a few) tasks, but on the whole the F700 is an excellent phone - fast friendly (award winning) user interface, great feature set and slick styling/good form factor. The nearest real rival at the moment to this phone is the iPhone, which is better at some things, but worse at others. In terms of bang for your buck you won't get better than the F700 for a touch screen phone at the moment.

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d r e w posted on Dec 02, 2007, 7:16 AM


A Serious Let Down...

So I bought the F700/Qbowl on Vodafone here in Germany. I'm gonna list pros and cons first then summarize afterwards.

-Expandable Memory
-Extra back panel included
-3G Hsdpa and Edge for when you're in the boonies (bavaria)
-Some address book improvements with ability to add more fields
-Qwerty keypad works well

-Terrible battery life, tried two of them and got less than 8hours stand by.
-Touchpad is intermittent depending on the area of the screen, the bottom row was poor on both models. Had to hit 3 and 4 times.
-Reception was less than any other phone I have used on vodafone here.
-When transferring a photo from phone to micro sd it changes the file attribute to hidden which was a pain, there is no option to set default save to memory card. Phone memory cannot be browsed through USB connection.
-Camera is very poor for a 3mp auto focus. It's very slow to start up with very noisy results in most indoor situations. Color is very unrealistic. It takes from 3 to 10 seconds to focus ans shoot, even in bright natural light the exposure takes a few seconds. Very prone to blur. Video was choppy with poor audio.
-Email client is poorly designed, by default shows all email details instead of just the normal to and from info, so a lot of scrolling to just get to the message. Also, attachment size is restricted to 300kb which is just ridiculous since I pay a lot for unlimited data, let me use it like other manufacturers. They should implement an auto resize option like Nokia...  

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