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garmat posted on Mar 03, 2009, 3:04 PM


Awesome phone for the price

I don't know where this website gets the PAppeal data.  I would definitely put myself in the High-Tech junkie category and I would give this phone an 8 or 9.  I guess one could complain about the lack of a music player and whatnot, but I use this phone primarily for communication.  The most awesome feature is the ability to install free J2ME/MIDP apps from the web.  I installed midpSSH and use it to log into a linux shell where I can check my email, chat on IRC and monitor servers.  Typing is a little slow, but what do you expect for a clamshell phone this size?  When chatting on IRC, the predictive text really helps.  I got this with a discount so it was free, and has everything I need in an attractive little case.  I've seen people complain that the external screen is only black-and-white, but I couldn't care less about that since I don't see any good reason why I should have my clock in color.


  • Great price, good sound for calls, plays MIDI/MP3/AAC for ringtones, comes with web browser, can download J2ME apps, over two weeks battery life on standby, looks nice, predictive typing


  • No silly features like music player or camera, b&w external screen, combined data/power/headset jack
  • I once had a little glitch where I couldn't receive calls, but I blame AT&T for that, and not the phone.

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