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Steve posted on Jul 11, 2006, 1:22 PM


Great for small/home business

Very pleased, after 1 year of use!!! I have home business with Reliv, sync 3000+ contacts, I use the Excel and Word on the phone which is very handy. I use it as an MP3 player during my workouts and take notes on it during meetings, the keyboard works great for me, average size hands. While I am walking around I take voice notes on the recorder. I have several games that look amazing on the screen.

I love the fact that it comes with the Microsoft programs (word, excel) plus a great file viewer that is awesome for zooming and moving around documents on the smaller screen. Very durable, dropped several times and still works well. Very reliable, I maybe have to do a reset once a month, if that (where my prior phone, the Samsung i600 I had to reset almost every day).

The cradle is great, especially since you can charge the spare battery and the phone at the same time. And the extended battery is included is another big cost saver. The battery life using the standard batter is great for phone use, I usually get 2-4 hours of solid talk time. Wi-Fi does drain the battery faster, but then I would just throw the extended battery on there and lasts as long as I need it.

I got the phone for $450 in July 2005 (after rebates), which I thought was a great value considering the included software, extended battery, and accessories. I would have spend more than that with most any other smartphone and then buying seperately the additional software that is not included on other...  

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Nampla posted on Apr 28, 2006, 10:34 PM



I honestly can say that this is one of the most amazing gadgets that i have ever owned. I dont care for verizon's lack of customer serice, however if you need a pda with internet connecion for any reason you cannot beat this... period!!! It is stable, and easy to use. I can install a wide variety of programs on this phone, such as pocket pc anywhere, and even a remote viewer for our video security system. None of my associates can believe i can watch my stores remotely from my phone. This phone ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

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pickedaname posted on Nov 25, 2005, 12:57 PM


The i730 ROCKS! in the biz world

I have both the Audiovox 6600 and the Samsung i730.
Anyone not using this for business needs can probably afford to invent, patent and produce a better product w/o using debt ;). The i730 comes with Pocket Outlook, which integrates seamlessly with Exchange 2003 so you don't have to keep your corporate email, contacts etc cached on a PUBLIC (but secure) web server (wireless sync is also a pain at times and you must leave Outlook running on a PC (with your login active) in your network). Apani offers a Cisco VPN client that works quite well with Ciscos 3000 series VPN concentrators.
You can reassign any button on the device to do various things. The i730 does not include a 12v adapter, but does come with both a normal sized and an extended battery which IMO is awesome. This thing holds a charge as well as most cell phones I have used, and the speakerphone (2 speakers on the back) is much more audible than the 6600 or most others I have used. You can also tell the phone to dial a #, or contact name. Hell, you can tell the phone to open IE via voice command if you want. The stylus is nice as it telescopes out to 1.7 x's it's length. Programming (in .NET at least) is a breeze. I have already integrated use of the phone API and a signature capture form into one of our apps (which saves the signature to a sql DB via VPN). For those times when you simply aren't within coverage, there's always SQL CE which will cache DB entries until a connection is avail. As for comparing this device...  

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bob barker posted on Oct 29, 2005, 3:14 AM


the god dam best

The phone is the god dam best think I have had since that chick that used to work on my show. It rings and I can talk into it and it doesnt complain if you grap it by its cute little behind.

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Amy posted on Jul 21, 2005, 2:59 PM


i730 is Good

My opinion of the i730 is very good. I have worked with the Blackberry format as both a phone and a wireless device. I have also worked with the Treo 600 and 650 and with the XV 6600 from Audiovox. This phone ranks just below the BB as far as the keyboard goes. This is much easier to use than the Treo and audiovox...even for larger hands. I am using Intellisync's Wireless Synch for email and all is working seamlessly. This phone is the best choice for me - and I do emails and make contacts all day every day. Being on call 24x7 is a challenge and this phone makes keeping all the critical info available EASY

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Vertigo posted on Jul 08, 2005, 3:28 PM


We pushed them to release...and they did

Well I thought I would cause some trouble so here I go. I ordered a Samsung i730 and recieved it. Personally I think the Samsung i730s screen and overall unit is a bit small. Unlike the Audiovox xv6600 guys with regular sized hands better get used to the stylus and not there finger.
As far as features go the Samsung has them stereo sound and the combination of Windows Media Player 10 gives it a nice touch but I think it lacks buttons espically with the screen.
The Audiovox xv had a button to open the start menu and a "ok" button to open and close a program while the Samsung i730 does not. With the Samsungs small screen it would be more practical.
Great news though you can use the Samsung i730 for a remote. For me it works I use it for my surround sound dvd and television and they all work, then again all my home theater equipment is pricy and most of it is the Samsung brand.
If you were to compare the Treo 650 to the Samsung i730 to size the Treo and the Samsung are about the same size (when the Samsungs keyboard is closed and not counting the antenna) only the Samsung i730 is a little bigger.
Wi-fi is nice but I havent had a good chance to take advantage of the use due to the area I am in, but a repersentative told me that if you use the wi-fi feature it wont charge you for internet usage such as the ridiculous "pay as you go" plan.
I am a little disappointed though I would expect a $719.00 phone would at least have a camera but like the Audiovox xv they will probally...  

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