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Anonymous posted on Jul 25, 2009, 7:54 AM


This phone is not fit for anyone use to good items. I have a lot of problems with it. Pros: Record SoundsOK callingMemo Pad is useful. Cons: Scratches easilyOnly one speakerYou have to pay for ringtones, and theres only a small selection. If you are using the phone in slide up mode and slide it down, it exits out what you were doing, very annoying. This also means most of the time the phone will be up, wasting battery life to light up the letters. My phone is random now. The sound just comes and goes. Yesterday I was in the middle of an important call and my whole phone went mute. Which means no calls, no ringtones, no sound. Takes a long while to get used to for texting.Internet is slow. Have to pay for games.If you try to send ringtones to phone, it will not work. I have tried them all.My camera stopped working. Now all the pictures are completely green. Very strange.Recorded sounds don't sound so nice.Texting Inbox only holds 70 msgs. Takes a long time to receive pic msgs.Downloads take forever.Bluetooth doesn't work.
If your inbox is full and a txt msg comes in, even after you delete the message the other one won't show up unless the person re-sends it.
The port for the charger breaks easily.
If you accidentally go to the camera [ its quite easy to do so as its the down button ] its takes a good 10 seconds to go back to the main screen.
Has ONLY 20 MB of memory and you cannot insert more. Way too little.
Cannot receive, watch or capture videos. What kind of camera is that???  


  • Pros:
  • Record Sounds
  • OK calling
  • Memo Pad is useful.
  • Myspace looks nice.


  • Small memory
  • No Micro SD insert
  • Charger port fragile
  • Small texting inbox
  • Faulty Bluetooth
  • Slow Downloads
  • Pic Msgs take long
  • No video
  • Camera isn't all that
  • Recordings only go to 60 seconds, and sound scratchy.
  • Have to pay for ringtones, sending to phone doesn't work
  • Can't sync information to new phone
  • Slow internet
  • No qwerty for texting
  • Can never use without sliding up
  • Shuts off after like 10 seconds without pressing a button
  • Random sound
  • One speaker
  • Speaker phone horrible
  • Scratches/Scuffs easily

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Le Fish posted on Jan 29, 2009, 4:27 PM


Poor Signal Quality

Unfortunately this phone has provided very poor signal for me. I've had it for a year but did not realize that it was a "phone" signal problem rather than a "coverage" issue until recently, when my wife got another Samsung for our Metro PCS service. Other than poor signal reception it is a decent but unremarkable device .

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Terri Ramm posted on Jun 24, 2008, 3:18 PM


Good Phone

Hi i got this phone about 6 days ago and as far as i the sound is real good the only thing i wish was better and that is the web it seems that everything i try to do on the web the pages are to big for it to download i just cant seem to get anywhere on the internet but other than that its a good phone great pics real good buy for the price thanks terri

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kylia posted on Jun 08, 2008, 1:31 PM



hey jus wanted to let you all know that my brother had this phone and he thought that it was great. well no i am goin to get this phone and he will move on to another phone. i am recieving this phone for my birthday and its absolutly awsome its has every thing i need on it. it may not have ll of the high tec things that cost like 3000 dollars but the quality takes over its a nice phone so if you looking for a nice phone with just what you need then here you go this phone is just right for me so it should fit you too. thanks

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Nick posted on Aug 23, 2007, 12:08 PM


A lot of phone for the money

Keeping the budget at $200, this is an all around awesome phone. I couldnt find on it any features that would blow my mind away, however it's dimensions make up for everything. So if u are looking for a phone that wont scrape you wallet yet it can live up to todays standars, such as bluetooth capability, camera etc, the samsung sch-r400 its not a bad choice.

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