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Sierra posted on Aug 17, 2008, 8:45 PM



I would say this is one of the best phone's I have had. the thing i don't like is that it had bad reception while I was in Chicago,IL. That was the only problem i have had since I got the phone>

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bob posted on Jun 19, 2008, 7:30 PM


crappy siren

I bought this phone online and it is the very worst phone I have ever had....Sound is very bad,,keep losing connection,,,and could only hear everyother word said and they could only hear about half of what I said.I was told by cricket to have it checked and it still never worked right....Crickett is a really good company and fare service but this phone is brand new and only used it for 2 days and then canceled my contract....would like to go back to crickett but not until they get a phone low price and that will at least work half the time.....

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sandra posted on May 17, 2008, 8:31 PM



its cheap feeling
cheap looking
and nothin speacial

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Frank posted on Jan 15, 2008, 9:08 AM


How to put free ringtones on phone

First install the Samsung modem software that will install this device as a modem on a COM port. Once you have successfully installed that, download and use Bitpim (from Load the SCH-A950 driver.

0. Record some sounds to the phone via Get It Now / Get Tunes & Tones / My Sounds / Record New menu item... you'll later overwrite them, so record as many sounds as you think you're going to want ringtones / altert tones, etc. Your saved recordings should be saved on the phone's file system in /brew/16452/ms directory and with filenames that are all digits (or all digits followed by lower-case letters to disambiguate files created in the same minute), with .qcp extention(s).
1. Install Samsung drivers, make sure to reboot your PC.
2. (After reboot) Connect data cable to phone, plug cable into PC, let your OS find the drivers.
3. (After Windows finds/loads the Samsing drivers) Fire up BitPim, if drivers were installed correctly the new version will likely automatically spot your phone's correct COM port and attach it as an 'unknown phone'.
4. (Once BitPim connected to the phone) Open BitPim's filesystem browser, select /brew/16452/ms directory
5. Pick a *.qcp file in that directory and overwrite it with your desired ringtone (right-click on the file in the FS explorer view then select 'overwrite') or ringtones... you can do multiple overwrites in one pass...
6. Reboot the phone
7. To verify you got what you wanted and the phone can play it, go back to Get It Now...  

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josh posted on Jan 06, 2008, 5:25 AM



i had this as my first phone and i didnt like it and i am kinda GLAD my brother threw it in a bowl of milk now i got the krzr and its way WAY better than this now i heardthe max Ve was good and kinda want to try it out but i dont know anyone who has it

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Chris posted on Dec 27, 2007, 8:18 AM


Great Phone

I have only had this phone for two days. i've been looking at all the phones features, toying with the camera, and enjoying the design of the phone.


Online I though that the phone looked long and had that section that stuck out at the top. As it turns out the phone would look kinda weird with out the black at the top.


I ust say this phone packs a punch (for the level of phone) in features. The flsh isn't that powerful but it dose it's job. The actual camera takes as clear a photo as I've seen any phone take. (Once again based on phones in this level.) The outside screen is a great feature to have especialy if you're one who will use the Photo Caller ID feature like I do. It also shows the person calling by placing there name in the lower middle of the screen.


You can't judge this based on the phone, at least I don't think so, becaus the majority of this will realy on how strong your signal is. Now with my phone I've had times with no signal were to my suprise I ave crystle clear calls.


I have CriKet and you always pay retail value for your phone, unless you buy online. I must say that I am very happy with this purchsase.

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Brian posted on Dec 11, 2007, 8:33 PM


Samsung Siren P.O.S.

Every web sight advertising the Samsung Siren SCH-A870 advertizes the USB feature. So after wasting $180 on the phone another $30 on the usb data cable, and hours of trying to get this thing to sync with the P.C. with all kind of software, no success. $30 on a U.S.B. Bluetooth, and more software. Still no success. Sure the P.C. and the phone detect each other but no data will transfer between the two. In the phone menu it has options of how to connect to the P.C. (bluetooth or USB). I cant see why since this phone cannot sync with a computer.
My main problem with this is "HUNDRED EIGHTY DOLLARS" and the USB compatible advertizements, and this phone is the first cell phone I have ever had that does NOT sync with a computer to transfer files/data back and forth. Heres another loop hole. Not all SCH-A870 are like this. In my research the only one I found is the Samsung SIREN SCH-A870 distributed by Cricket (a cellular service company).
The following link goes to the Samsung web site, and it specifically says this phone does NOT sync with a computer and does NOT serve as a modem for a computer. Cricket now charges $150 for this P.O.S.

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Jenny posted on Sep 26, 2007, 1:10 AM


its a really good phone

my experiences iwth this phone have been very good! its design is easy to put into pockets and purses...the vibrate is a little on the loud side but not too bad...the call quality is good (i usually hear the other caller) VERY DURABLE!!!! my boyfriend has the same phone and drops it almost EVERYDAY! it still works just fine...signal is good and i have it on metropcs which usually sucks with signal...all in all its a good phone if you dont need all the high tech gadgets...its simple but advanced....i would definately recommend this phone

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Brian Y. posted on May 18, 2007, 5:16 PM


If you want a PHONE, this is it

This is a great phone, I got it to be a PHONE, not one of those dumb do-everything-but-can't-do-anything-well phones. It has a speaker phone which is pretty loud and clear, bluetooth connects to my headset fine, call quality is exellent, I've only ever dropped a call once (still can't figure out why). The camera is only really good for taking pictures for the picture ID. The voice dialing is pretty smart, it usually dials what the right number (it asks if it is right before dialing). It is built pretty sturdy, slips in and out pockets well because it doesn't have an antenna to snag and it has really smooth design.
This camera totally is what I wanted, a PHONE that works as a PHONE and does it well. This camera was free with 2 year agreement and came with a bluetooth headset.

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sara posted on May 15, 2007, 12:52 PM



well i think is a good phone i got it at cricket and it works perfectly if yall have something to say yall can writte me to my email alright ......................

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tayleryaish posted on Apr 18, 2007, 7:51 PM


eehhh...i dont know

ok i think this phone is horrible! it sucks on sound quality and i hate the buttons. i mean for the price i paid i could have got something better than this.. i hate it 2.5/10

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