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Anonymous posted on Jun 23, 2010, 11:18 AM


the good the bad and the ugly

The Good: nice feel to the phone and can withstand a drop or two and is also rather reliable will last pretty long indeed pretty loud and has nice soft keysThe Bad: looks rather like a 4yr olds shitty drawing of a pig, the internets so slow i could build a space ship before it ever loads, not massivly packed with features is it now it dos'nt even have 3G, SatNav or touch screen The Ugly: screen shit, looks gay and has a funny round bit slammed in the middle Best Phones To Buy:£10-£20...........Nokia 1208, Samsung E2120£20-£50...........LG Cookie, Samsing Genio Touch£50-£100.........Nokia 5230, Samsung Tocco Lite£100-£500.......Apple Iphone, HTC Wildfire  


  • ok menu speeds
  • soft keys
  • easy to use
  • other stuff


  • no wifi
  • crap internet
  • ugly
  • other crap

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