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Samsung Epix User Reviews Back

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Anonymous posted on Jun 29, 2009, 8:50 AM


Samsung's perfection

This phone has been a very powerful device. It has it all into one phone. The phone is good for multimedia such in music, videos, or for business such as calandar, and organization. I belive if you are thinking of getting a samsung Epix than do it, because this is one very helpful devices. The phone doesn't lag too much and the connection to the network is perfection, hey is that what you expect from at&t. If you are already a Blackjack fan, than getting the Epix you increase your experience!


  • large touch screen
  • stylus
  • qwerty pad
  • smaller than most htc smatphone
  • the optical mouse
  • you look cool using one


  • although this is smaller than most htc smatphone, it is kinda thick but once you get the use of it, you won't notice it.

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Thefamouslane posted on Feb 24, 2009, 10:15 PM


Surprised me!

This phone definitely surprised me. I went into the AT&T store with a totally different mindset. I came in looking for the HTC touch, but the extreme attraction of fingerprints was a turn-off, and it looks much better online than in person. My next choice was the iphone. I feel that the iphone is very overrated... it has no video camera, you cant send picture messages, and can't forward text. Samsung Epix caught my eye with its sleek expensive look. It comes with a nice stylus inside the phone. 
I am now extremely happy with this phone choice.


  • Fast internet
  • Touch screen
  • Music quality very good
  • Nice battery life
  • Camera is descent, not the best
  • Variety of ways to text


  • Confusing to a certain point

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rdgadz posted on Nov 14, 2008, 12:22 PM


Best Phone I've Ever Used

I was kind of an HTC guy for the past 6 years, so now I almost feel like a traitor. Had a T-Mobile Dash and loved it. Upgraded to ATT Tilt and had some issues... then it was stolen. Finally my 2 year old Dash was replaced with the Samsung Epix.
For over a year I drooled over the Sony X1 but when the choice finally came.. spending half as much seemed like a damn fine idea. I didnt even expect to get the Epix when I went into ATT to play with it, but I was blown away. Its speed was unreal for a Windows Mobile phone, and the optical navigation pad worked like a dream.
Some issues with getting an unlocked version to function perfectly on T-Mobile, but thats expected.
Would recommend to anyone.... with 16gb micro sd ;)


  • Blackberry style form factor. Optical nav pad. Huge battery. GPS. Very fast. Screen not recessed. Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro.


  • Proprietary sync/charge cable.... and location of it is less than ideal for car docking. Wish the back was ruberized like the Dash.... its going to show damage easily.
  • Not as much community support as HTC phones.

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