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Build quality10/10
Text input6/10
Everyday usage10/10
UI speed10/10
Call quality10/10

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posted on 09 Nov 2012, 19:36 (Posts: 0; Member since: 09 Nov 2012)


Good basic phone

dgc59 has owned it for less than 3 months before publishing this review

It's a good basic phone. I'm a senior citizen, and I just use a cell phone for emergencies, or short voice messages to family. I use the voice, not the text messaging.. My first cell phone, a Virgin Mobile Marbl broke when I dropped it after having had it for several years. Virgin Mobile is my service and excellent as a provider. I do not use my cell to retrieve emails, nor get on the internet. It has a GPS, but I don't use that, either. This is all I want in a cell phone. I don't give my cell # out, except to family. I have four and a half hours talk time, that I never need to use,

Build quality 10/10
Reception 10/10
Call quality 10/10
Internet 6/10
Multimedia 6/10
Camera 1/10
UI speed 10/10
Everyday usage 10/10
Text input 6/10
Display 10/10
Battery 9/10


  • large keypad, easy to set up, voice recognition dialing
  • No camera


  • none for me, this review is requiring me to rate internet, multimedia, ui speed ( I don't know what that is), and text input, which I do not use! And the phone has NO camera, but insists I must rate it!

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