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sabina posted on Mar 30, 2010, 9:53 AM


behold 2

                 the behold 2 is a nice phone BUT. it has a short battery spend. the extra apps are great and useful.some are fun.  as far as the cube it makes no reason for it to be there,and with its own button i thing that it should be an application often used.            the 3 different windows you get is to much. especially since you have the icon tray to the left of your screen. now the bottom tray is understandable for quick access which once again goes to no point of using more memory on 3 windows.. the navigation key in the middle is not used often. maybe 10% of the time you use your phone a day.             The wife is great but only when others are logged on and are not password protected. . and of course you have to disable wife before using the web. which sometimes don't work out so well . wife works with or with out service. so if your looking for just google Internet this is great....               the music is alright. the mp3 don't work so well , at least for me the radio works the best on here and of coarse once again that works without service also.. how long not sure, it could also be just a bug in the phone.never heard of it working with out service till i got this phone and...  


  • apps... access to icons...very convenient ...great design. perfect weight,, ....great kids apps. used those alto..


  • many windows ...

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RevenG posted on Nov 27, 2009, 11:47 PM


The form factor is very sleek as well as the overall look of the phone. The TouchWiz interface does have some bugs in it and is missing some things. The Media Cube is not very useful and wastes the space of a hardware button that could have been used for something for useful. The cube style homescreen also gets annoying after a while. However, the AMOLED display is very vibrant and really brings out the colors. The 5mp camera on it is very good and the flash is very bright on it. The TouchWiz camera interface is much better than the stock Android interface and has much more customization options as well. Some of the applications in the Android Market conflict with the TouchWiz interface also. Overall, it is a good phone, but does need some work. Fortunately, there is nothing an update can't fix.


  • 5MP Camera w/ Flash
  • Sleek Form Factor
  • TouchWiz Camera Interface and cusomization
  • AMOLED Display


  • Cube Homescreen
  • Media Cube
  • Slightly Buggy
  • Android 1.5

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