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Call quality10/10
Build quality9.5/10
Text input9.5/10
Everyday usage10/10
UI speed10/10


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posted on 13 Apr 2018, 08:32 (Posts: 0; Member since: 13 Apr 2018)



CMP9393 has owned it for less than month before publishing this review

For the past 6 years I've been a diehard windows phone fan. I loved everything about it, perfect UI seamless integration with my PC, yadda yadda. But I recently broke my Microsoft 950. I decided it was time to get into Android for the lack of apps and support of the Windows Mobile ecosystem. The razer phone was the perfect phone for my first experience with android. Everything from first class packaging they used to the battery impressed me. I've already decided to dump those small bluetooth speakers we all have because the speakers on this phone are incredibly loud with great sound.I've heard criticism over the "dull" display, and I have no idea what they're talking about, the display was vivid and impressed me. I do agree the camera could be a little better but it doesn't really bother me as I don't really take very many pictures. This phone like Razer says, built by gamers for gamers, I don't think any of the games I downloaded could be any more smooth. Ultimately if you're a windows phone user like I used to be and are nervous to make the switch, I'd say you're safe to hop into this phone.

Build quality 10/10
Reception 10/10
Call quality 10/10
Internet 10/10
Multimedia 10/10
Camera 7/10
UI speed 10/10
Everyday usage 10/10
Text input 10/10
Display 10/10
Battery 10/10


  • Massive battery
  • Beautiful screen
  • Fingerprint sensor is on the right side integrated with the lock button. Many phones put it on the back now, and I hate it. The sensor here works flawlessly
  • Speakers are perfect
  • Perfectl rectangle. I like the shape - I dislike all the other round phones most companies have today.
  • Expandable memory via SD Card to 2TB. I don't even know what I'd do with 2 TB of space on my phone but I like the option. This phone seems to have longetivity for me.


  • Might be a little boxy for some people, it is a perfect rectangle. (Personally I like this)
  • Little large in the hands. If you don't have large hands you might want a pop-socket or something. It fits me just fine but my fiancee had trouble holding it.

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posted on 20 Dec 2017, 14:25 (Posts: 0; Member since: 20 Dec 2017)


Great re-introduction to Android from a long-time Windows 10 Mobile User

Thelon has owned it for less than 3 months before publishing this review

After five years of loving the dying Windows Phone / Windows Mobile 10 platform via the Nokia Lumia 1520 and the Lumia 950 XL, I finally decided that Window's formal announcement of end of life made for a good time to switch platforms. Luckily, the Razer Phone was on the cusp of release. Seeing as that I have been dubbed the group's "Early Adopter of Dubious Technology," it seemed all too right to pick up Razer's first entry to the mobile arena.

For those few of you reading this because Google or Bing brought you to Lumia 950 XL vs Razer Phone, let me tell you a few things:

1) We heard "app gap" all the time and shrugged, as the Windows Mobile platform still had what it needed to function well. But, holy crow, it's legit overwhelming the number of options you will have.
2) Yes, you can make Cortana the default assistant. It works very well, though I still struggle to get "Hey, Cortana" to work as well as "OK Google."
3) No Live Tiles. I miss this the most.
4) Download "SwiftKey" to have a keyboard that is extremely similar to the Windows Mobile keyboard.

Build quality 9/10 The metal body is solid, there are no obvious gaps, and the bezels are fully used for the speakers. However, the speaker grills do seem to hold dust a little too well.
Reception 10/10 No issues whatsoever.
Call quality 10/10 Crystal-clear, and the speakers allow for a phenomenal speakerphone or Skype conference experience.
Internet 9/10 It is great - if you are on the correct network. I understand that it is not compatible with Verizon at this point.
Multimedia 10/10 The screen, the speakers, the THX-certified headphone dongle...if you primarily use your device for consuming media - Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, gaming, etc, there is no better device on the market.
Camera 6/10 Passable but forgettable photos. Disappointing in comparison to the Nokia Lumia 1520, Microsoft Lumia 950, and Microsoft Lumia 950 XL. Hopefully this will improve with software updates, as the hardware itself is decent.
UI speed 10/10 Butttery smooth with 8 GB of RAM and the massive Snapdragon 835.
Everyday usage 10/10 I love the experience with this phone. It's been hard to put done since day one.
Text input 9/10 More an issue with stock Android, but the stock keyboard is frustrating. Get Swiftkey, customize the size of the keyboard, and you will be much happier. Talk-to-text is amazingly accurate!
Display 9/10 Read the specs. They do not lie. Amazing indoors, decent outdoors, and sharp as anything. It's hard to believe the accuracy of such a small screen. Would be a 10 if it had better sunlight adaptability, but the Lumia 950 XL still outperforms it in that space. Indoors, though, it's an 11.
Battery 9/10 Extremely long battery life, lots of customization to change levels for each game, extremely fast-charging...but not user-replaceable. I hate that in modern phones - it's like you are buying a device knowing that it will someday just get pitched instead of repaired.


  • The screen's quality is not overhyped. This is a real stunner. Though it is not as good as the Lumia 950 XL was in direct sunlight, that's a bit unfair, as that phone was amazing in the sun. However, with the brightness fully up, it is perfectly legible. What really shocked me was how good the darks are on this screen. And, comparing the 950 XL's darkest setting to the Razer Phone's darkest setting in a non-light room, the Razer clearly gets far lower for saving your eyes and battery.
  • The sound. Holy cow. There's even semi-legit bass out of this thing. But it can truly fill a room, and is not tinny even at max settings. I have not had a chance to try out the THX-rated headphone adapter, as I lack any headphones of that quality.
  • Battery life is phenomenal. Remember that app gap thing? Yeah, I've had a problem putting this phone down throughout the day, as I'm finding all sorts of games to be distracted with. Continuous on-screen use at medium settings, I'll get the better part of 13 hours before hitting the 15% warning. Lighter use will get you a day and a half easily
  • The build quality and size. If you like phablets and having a bit of heft to know that your device isn't going to break in luggage/pockets/purse/etc, this will be awesome for you.
  • You cannot buy a better-spec phone, and this is a lower price point than it's competitors by a long shot.
  • Razer's response time. When I got my phone through the pre-order, it arrived with a prominent buzz in the speakers. I reported this on day 2. On day 3, a patch went put that corrected the issue.
  • The charge time. They do not exaggerate with the specs - it is stupid fast.
  • Fingerprint reader location is on the unlock button, and is very good at reading your finger quickly. This is in the same spot as my prior phone's unlock button as well, so the switch was nice and easy.
  • Supports SD cards up to 2 TB, just as the Lumia 950 XL did. I was shocked when researching to find how many modern smartphones do not support ANY SD card, let alone one of that size.
  • Razer software is built-in to allow per-game adjustments - how much processor to use, should the screen be at 60, 90, or 120 MHz, etc.


  • No waterproofing/dustproofing. The latter makes itself visibly known as dust will collect under the speaker grills.
  • The camera. Okay, I was spoiled. Windows Mobile may not have much going for it, but in the most recent (2016) unbiased comparisons I read, the Lumia 950 XL's 20 Mega Pixel Zeiss camera still outperformed both Samsung and Apple's offerings. It was a true stunner. This...is much less so. I mean, the photos are passably decent, but don't expect stunning environment shots. The hardware should be up to the task - here's hoping that a software update will improve the photo quality in the future.
  • The weight.
  • No wireless charging due to the metal body.
  • No Live Tiles. Yeah, I know that's an Android vs Windows thing, but I seriously miss them on this device.
  • User cannot replace the battery. I know this is the norm anymore, but there's nothing quite so frustrating as knowing you cannot repair your own device.

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