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Evana posted on Mar 09, 2006, 8:48 AM


Very Smart Mobile Phone

I like its style, design, performance and feautures.Most usefull thing is you can send fastest sms using touchscreen,No need to press buttons.Another option is TAG its realy impress me.Tag option is really helpfull and very interesting for sending MMS.Infared working very well.Picture quality is good enough.Lots of option are available in camera mood.Its a great touchscreen mobile in a cheap price.No doubt about that.

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Jewel posted on Mar 09, 2006, 3:51 AM


Stylish mobile with Excellent feautures.

Philips 755 is one of my favourite mobile.Excellent touch screen facilities,On screen keyboard when you are using sms.JAVA support,Infared option is great.7 mb storage for user.Photo quaity is good.Large color display (128*160), photo can viewd in TV.Create your own ringtones by using BeDJ and many more options are avalable.I installed lost of Java(jar file) game via infared.MIDP 2.0 is built in this phone.MIDP is compile the jar file and installed it in your java game folder.Design of this phone is relly cool.Photo call,voice call and voice recorder is available.TAG option is simply great.Five game is built in. you can play pool,solitire by touch pen.Built in modem 38-48 kbps,GPRS,WAP,E-mail.4x digital ZOOM when you are taking picture.

Bettery life is not very good only 2 days standby.Buttons are hard to pres.Some limitation like you cannot download more than 50kb for image,120 kb for java,50kb for midi,adp file,photo not more than 640*480 size,GIF 128*160 size.

Atlast i want to say that Philips 755 is a Excellent mobile with cheap rate.I baught philips 755 and it cost me only 7500 taka in Bangladesh.

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help posted on Aug 12, 2005, 7:36 AM



Hello, if someone can help please do. I have one philips 755 and one question : where does this phone save other files than ".mid" or ".jpg" ? mid files are saved in own sounds... jpg in own photos... I think i searched every posibility. I loaded some .jar files and the memory indicator showed so, but i can't find those files(so i can delete them) ... thanks

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sort posted on Jul 09, 2005, 5:47 PM


Original and good functional new features! It brings budget phones closer to smart phones and PDA's!

I've bought this Philips 755 after I read some reviews on on internet about it. I can say that contrary to what it's written in many of those articles, this is a very good phone if it is judged as a compromise between price and quality. Don't listen to those that claim it's touch screen and soft capabilities are not as complex as those found in Sony-Ericsson P900 or P910 because it's a stupid thing to compare a budget phone like Philips 755 (about 200 US dollars) and a high-end phone like P910 (about 700 US dollars). Philips 755 was constructed to do just few things like giving commands, writing SMS and tagging pics on its touch screen and it does it very well!... no other big name like Nokia or Motorola or Samsung has such feature now at this low price! It's time to bring new features like this on budget phones that allow mobile phones to be small and smart instead of adding big keyboards like Nokia does.
On the other hand all the other features are good: 7 MB dinamic memory, VGA resolution camera (good quality pics at least on daylight) good signal and sound, good organizer and many others.
The life of the battery (3-4 days in case of moderate use) is a little better than other similar phones.
The only bad point in my opinion is the keyboard which is somehow difficult to use because of it's small and flat buttons, but this is not as bad if we think at the touch screen that gives another good posibility to give commands. The joystick is good and precise.
Other complains were...  

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mvdm posted on Jun 01, 2005, 7:15 AM


The one for writing sms's in more than one language.

Absolutely the only phone I would recommend for anyone who needs to write messages in more than one language.

The touch-screen with it's amazing onscreen touch keyboard is no doubt an asset worth buying this phone instead of changing languages using T9 predictive text which on most phones just lacks usefulness when it comes to international travellers who need to communicate rapidly.

All other features of this phone are just as handy including the quite adequately producing camera. Internal memory permits enough space for saving photos, organizer data and phonebook.

The phone lacks bluetooth which could be a disadvantage to drivers due to the restrictions in some countries, but than again this phone also has handfree builtin.

As for datatransport it's irda interface works good enough and is generally a lot cheaper than bluetooth.

Battery lasts a little more than a week on a 24 hour basis, ok to me.

Sound quality is good and its bedj is really curious and stunning for creating your own polyphonic ringtones.

The screen is of extremely good quality and very readable under nearly all circumstances.

Handling and operating is intuitive and therefore good. The keyboard has good readability at night and although the key could be spaced a bit more comfortably works well.

No critics? Well... yes, the battery cover is very delicate and should be handled with care not to destroy the small clips, so if you need to switch sims regularly try it and see if you can...  

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