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j.j. brennan posted on May 31, 2010, 5:41 AM


basic, affortable, reliable and no nonsense messaging phone

the phone does have a problem of sometimes freezing after a call, it's pretty universal with the reveal it seems. this problem however went away after i dropped it really bad. it hasn't freezed up in over a month since then. also, i've read other pantech phone reviews, and for what i can tell is that whatever glitches the phones have they seem to go away with time.that issue aside, this phone is a very good. i got it for free on a 2 year contract with an unlimited messaging plan that i have to keep for at least 6 months. one thing that i like about it is that there's no lag time when typing. you just type and it appears on screen with no delay.  the call quality is great and i even read from a professional review that it compares to the iphone. the phone also holds it's signal very well. i've had it for almost four months now and haven't had a dropped call. so it's very reliable. web browsing is quite fast and decent for a non smart phone in my opinion. this phone is well built too. i really think it can last me for a couple of years. i usually keep my phones for 2 o 3 years before a upgrade.if you're looking for a basic, affordable, reliable and no nonsense messaging phone, i strongly recommend the pantech reveal. 


  • no lag time when typing text
  • always has signal (including 3G signal)
  • great call quality
  • compact and thin for a messaging phone
  • well built


  • it often freezes up after a call.
  • battery life could be better

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krigre55 posted on Feb 03, 2010, 5:16 PM


Fix the one problem it has

To make the phone not freeze up after a call i hit the hangup button multiple times and it just goes to the main screen, i figured this out after having the phone freeze up multiple times when i hang up from a call using the slide down feature or hitting ok with the center button.

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Evonne posted on Dec 21, 2009, 8:56 PM


I like it I hate it

I like the basics of the phone,  but it freezes up ALOT! actually I'm on my third Pantech Reveal.  Should have returned it for a different brand.  One hour out of the store it would freeze up after every call.  You have to take the battery off to unfreeze it.  Was on the way the way to important meeting not to mention I live 1 hour from the nearest store.  Took it back several days later.  Was gone from the store under an hour and the new one did the same thing.  I think I'm up to three phones I've called At&T my recourse now is to go through warranty program guesse what they want to give me another Pantech my point is after three like phones all freeze up why would I want another.  Some of the other problems you will dial your phone number it says it's dialing then all of a sudden nothing the looks like you never even attempted to send.    I had a Motorola Razr before this that phone could walk circles around this one.  I hardly ever have a signal with this phone.  When I do you can stand in one spot not move the signal will fluctuate from 0 to full bars several times within a minute.  I have the phone set so that the backlight stays on 10 minutes and it does after you hang up the phone.  The backlight will not work while you are on a call, have you ever tried to check your voicemail and push 1 or 3 or any number on the key pad when it's total black and your riding along as passenger in a car....  

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