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posted on 10 Feb 2009, 02:15


Bad sound quality, lots of software bugs -- Score: 3/10

  I do not like the C630 *at all*. I would give it two stars out of five. This is an overview of why the phone is poor. AT&T did a very poor job to release such a low-quality phone that *appears* in specifications to be nice, but in reality is not of high quality. GPS is not important when hearing the caller does not work...  The sound quality is diastrous; very garbled and muddy. I switched to this phone from the Nokia 610 (a five year old phone), and even with full bars (I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area) I can often barely hear what a person has to say.  There are also way too many dropped calls; they occur on most of my phonecalls with full bars, especially when dialing: the phone starts to dial, then immediately disconnects without warning and just exits back to the main screen. So there I am, the phone to my ear, not knowing that it's not dialing...then after a few seconds I look back and see that it's back to the main screen, and there is no activity, nor message of a terminated call. It's as if I simply never even dialed.  There are simply too many bugs: as an example, often "Emergency Call Only" mode is activated when I have full bars, and it simply won't allow any phonecalls to be placed. The phone has to be turned off, then on again, to get it to work.  Many times accessing normal menu features (such as "Profiles") causes the phone to display "Invalid Card" for no reason, and then it exits back to the main screen. Or in the middle...  

Design 2/10
Features 7/10
Performance 2/10


  • Nice camera and video camera modes, nice screen.


  • Call quality is garbled and muddy, lots of software bugs, awkward user interface, frequent random drops on the 3G network, and the list goes on.

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