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dat posted on Mar 14, 2010, 9:44 PM


This phone ... is amazing. I've dropped it at least 10 times (battery fell off, stylus fell off) and it still works. Freezes up sometimes, but I just take out the battery. Bam, fixed. Has lots of features. Works with Palm Desktop, which runs on my XP Home 512MB RAM and 2.2GHz single core computer. However, I upgraded to Vista 64-bit and the 700p isn't USB compatible with Vista 64 so you'll need bluetooth sync.This phone's got lots of stuff: calendar, to do list, all via Palm Desktop (free download). Alarm or vibrate. I don't have Sprint so I can't access the internet (no wifi is the only downside to this phone) or make calls. What else ... there's a system lock out setting (password required with message screen where you can put your contact information in case the phone gets lost). Touchpad works, no probs so far, keyboard works fine, you can customize the buttons on the phone to open whatever app you want, volume controls are on side, with a side button to mute my music if someone walks into my room. OH. Dropped it lots of time right? Now, the speaker doesn't work, but headphones (2.5mm) still works. There's a switch on the top that you can use to switch to vibrate if you don't want to look stupid taking out your phone during church or something. SD card works fine. You can copy, move apps and files from card to phone if needed.Doesn't show up on computer as an external hard drive so you can't mess around with the firmware. So ...3 bad things,...  


  • Best calendar system I've ever seen, with color coding and alarms.
  • Dropped it 10 times and still works
  • QWERTY keyboard for fast note taking on memopad (included)
  • camera takes desktop wallpaper size photos (other sizes available, and black/white, date stamp options available)
  • system lock
  • volume control buttons on sides
  • vibrate switch on top
  • full SD slot
  • QWERTY AND touchscreen
  • alarms
  • customize buttons on front


  • NO wifi
  • antennae sticks out
  • no cares about Palm OS anymore
  • calendar system uses .dba file (not sure if compatible with other programs)
  • camera has no flash
  • Palm Desktop works on slow computers
  • USB sync feature doesn't work with Vista 64
  • can't access phone's files via USB

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Shane M posted on Sep 24, 2008, 3:15 PM


Piece of $#!T

This phone is horrible. It freezes up all the time. It also randomly resets itself. For like 3 days there was no sound coming from any of the speakers. I am on my second one and i have it through sprint. The menus are also confusing. The only good thing is the internet is really fast. I will be upgrading this phone very soon. This is the phone from hell. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED...DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!!

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Treo user posted on Jul 25, 2008, 12:58 PM


What a disappointment

My treo 700p is such a piece of crap. It randomly freezes, cuts off calls, resets, etc. I am replacing it at Verizon today and I hope not to get any grief. I certainly do not want it replaced just destroyed. At one point didn't palm os have a good reputation. If someone from Palm is reading this, fix your phones or go out of business.

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Steve posted on Jun 13, 2008, 3:43 PM



I have many problems with this phone constantly resetting and freezing. If you want a reliable phone, do not get this one. I am on my third, and all have had the same issues. I am finished with Palm. Here I come BlackBerry.

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TreoUser posted on Apr 27, 2008, 10:40 PM



Absolutely love this phone. This is my first Smartphone/PDA Phone. My friend has the Motorola Q and i played with it before I decided which to get and this phone definitely blows the Q out of the water. I have been a PDA user for awhile now but have only used the WM5 and chose this because I just purchased my first Mac. But anyway back to the phone...I have the Alltel version of the 700p and the reception is the best I have ever experienced. I have reception in places that I didn't have before with my Razr V3m. The OS is very easy to get used to(this coming from a previous WM5 user). This OS is very speedy compared to other Smartphones and rarely "locks up". I all around love this phone the only changes I would make would be the bulkiness and the lack of Wifi but for the $$ this phone comes packed with a lot of extras. Will most likely stay a Palm user for a LONG LONG TIME!!!

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Anonymous posted on Mar 24, 2008, 2:43 PM


I was such a Palm fan once, and now I want to run this one over with my car. Same as above. Freezes, won't turn on, doesn't record missed calls when it is manually restarted. Palm and Verizon support is stumped. I refuse to go through another hard reset, it just isn't worth it. The phone is unreliable, aggravating and not worth the money I paid for it.

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Gail posted on Feb 07, 2008, 7:53 AM


Frustrating phone

I agree with most of the opinion's posted here. I like the phone and "when" it works everything is fine. But I am on number 4 from Verizon. I have had two cases where the phone just crashed and software disappeared on it's own without me even doing a reset. I could see my contacts but couldn't make an actual phone call. Once it did a hard reset and just completely wiped out my data, but fortunately I had synced so everything was backed up. This recent exchange is happening because the phone started resetting itself (like a soft reset) and it won't stop. It keeps resetting itself, but the phone never completely turns on so that you can use it. Attempts to take the battery out, do a hard reset, you name it were futile and useless.

The phone freezes alot and I have to wait when I'm doing functions. I get user error codes such as "User cancelled connection x0015" and I've done nothing. Customer support at Palm and Verizon can't tell me what the error codes mean and have never heard of them.

Verizon is trying to get me to upgrade to the 755p but I'm not sure if it's worth it. I was thinking of switching to the Voyager, but it's not a smartphone and I'm not sure it will provide all of the functions I want. I would definitely be interested in a class action suit.

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Anonymous posted on Jan 05, 2008, 11:28 AM


First off I got this phone second hand from a friend after my LG VX 8100 was damaged in a car accident. Considering that I only paid $50, it is what it is. The 700P's concepts are awesome- rating a 10. The execution is aweful- rating a 5! Being a texting freak I love the full QWERTY keyboard. Although the keys are tiny and I often find myself using the backspace. Soft rubberized keys may eliminate this problem. I LOVE the texting dialog box allowing for a rolling conversation similar to an IM. The touchscreen is another great feature, especial in the phone function. The PDA functions are pretty good. That's where the love affair ends. They are the only reasons I have yet to upgrade, though my patience is wearing thin. The 700P often freezes. There are times when the phone freezes after a text is sent until a response is received. The only other option is to reset the phone. I have issues receiving pics and vids in text form- it's hit or miss, usually miss. Who the hell ever heard of a cam-phone without a flash? What was Palm thinking? Daylight pics are all your going to get with this one unless there is bright light around. The MP3 player- Pocket Tunes, is o.k. They sound quality on playback is pretty distorted. They could have left this feature out as far as I'm concerned.

If PALM had another model that addressed these issues but kept the same functions, I'd definitely get one. But as for now I'm frustated!!!!

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jxn posted on Nov 06, 2007, 9:03 AM


Totally Agree--bad device

I'm so disappointed with the 700p. Resets all the time--worst when placing, receiving, or in the middle of a call (bad for business).

I got so frustrated with the 700p, I switched to a Blackberry. Was very disappointed with the interface of the Blackberry--no touch screen, roller ball. But at least it worked.

I'm very disappointed with Palm and with Verizon on this one.

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Anonymous posted on Oct 27, 2007, 12:53 PM


I loved the phone when I first got it but it lagged and crashed all the time. It finally crashed beyond repair.
I loved the touch screen dial pad and speakerphone options.

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G Busch posted on Oct 16, 2007, 6:37 PM


G Busch

The palm treo 700 P is a nightmare. I have mine with Verizon. It is constantly jamming and freezing. Verizon has replaced about 5 of them and I have been told its a hardware issue. I am not on number 6 on its way and I am sure it will not work. Anyone interested in Class action suit against verizon. This phone is just a piece of junk. Too much of a problem. I would say STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM A TREO or ANY PALM DEVICE.


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Mike posted on Jun 28, 2007, 5:03 PM



I had my 700p replaced three times through Verizon because every model I had would lock up, freeze, go to a white screen, reset itself and lag like crazy. Verizion kept replacing them saying that I must have just got a bad model - well then I stumbled across Palm's own official blog at and see that for the entire year long life of this phone people have been complaining about the lag and freezing issues as well as poor bluetooth connectivity and pocket tunes skipping. As I write this review on 6/29/07 they STILL have yet to release a patch for Verizon users (they released one for spring after the phone has already been out for a YEAR but had to take it down because it turned people's phones into bricks - they just reposted the MR update again). There is no support for the 700p through either Sprint or Verision and they never admit there are such widespread problems with these devices (but, once again, if you check Palm's own blog where actual USERS review these devices - and not CNET or someone that spends an hour with the phone - you'll see just how poorly this device performs in the real world). I would NEVER recommend this phone to anyone. Ever. It COULD have been a great piece of hardware and I love Palm OS but the 700p is just the pits.

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Richard B. Smith posted on Jan 11, 2007, 12:23 AM


Time to try a Blackberry

I have had a Treo 600, 650, and now have a 700P, what a mistake.
I am on my third 700P in less than 2 months and wish I had never left the 650. My phone is constantly freezing from 10 upto 20 seconds everytime I use it. I cannot take notes while on the phone, I cannot schedule appointments without waiting and waiting between letters, and I wait and wait for it to recognize phone directory letters.

Of course Verizon says there are NO reported issues. I talked to a Verizon Business Support Tech about another issue and mentioned the freezing. She said she had the same problem with her 700W until it was updated with a fix. There is currently no fix for the 700P.

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Britton posted on Nov 12, 2006, 8:04 PM



Big letdown for the money! Biggest problem is pairing w/bluetooth earpiece...very inconsistent. Support can't help...returned earpiece twice.
Slippery case..shoild have some "traction" cut into the case. So far decent reception-louy speakers. We can go to the moon....but can't build reliable cell/smartphone!

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christopher posted on Oct 18, 2006, 8:53 PM


Don't WASTE your money

This is THE WORST phone I have EVER had!!! It FREEZES ALL THE TIME!!!! It DROPS CALLS more than ANY other phone I have EVER had! It seems to ALWAYS HAVE A PROBLEM with BLUETOOTH! For the amount of money I paid for this phone, I feel like I should have gotten a quality product and I did NOT! When I weigh the option of carrying a phone & a PDA against carrying this smartphone -- I'd most definately CHOOSE TO CARRY TO DEVICES!!!

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andy posted on Aug 26, 2006, 3:01 AM


Piece of crap

This has been the biggest let down ever. The Treo P which is suppose to kick ass over the younger brother 600 is Lame. The 700 is constantly freezing up when manuvering thru the calender then back to taking notes. The freeze last up to 15 sec. then unfreezes then sometimes freezes again. I"ve took my original 700p back to the verizon store only to get another piece of crap.. While I do like the EVDO features that lets me tether to my laptop. That is about the only thing that I like. My original 600 never froze like the 700P. Its especially frustrating while you are trying to dial a number and someone calls you simultaneously. This causes the phone to reset it self. taking up to 30-45sec to fully reset itself then tries to get signal etc...Definately something wrong with this PIECE

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powerjim posted on Aug 17, 2006, 12:19 AM


Palm 700P opinion...

I have compare reception of the 700P with other Verizon phones. No doubt the E815 has the absolute best reception out of them all. This 700P has little quirks as well. It freezes often when you reach those bad reception areas. Odd???? Love the features. Great phone for the buisness user, but the really need to address the problems. Hopefully an update is on the way SOOOON!!

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