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Palm Pre 2 GSM User Reviews

7.3 Based on 3 Reviews

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Call quality8.3/10
Build quality7/10
Text input7.7/10
Everyday usage8.3/10
UI speed9/10


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posted on 30 Jan 2011, 20:46 (Posts: 1; Member since: 30 Jan 2011)


Hardware isn't worthy of the software

penetrode has owned it for less than month before publishing this review

I bought the unlocked GSM version and used it on AT&T 3g. All the speak about how webOS is an amazing OS definitely rings true. The user experience is simply unmatched across any platform, iOS included. Notifications are top notch and webOS also offers a true multi-tasking experience that just works. Simple put, it's a seamless experience. The knock on webOS is app availability, with Preware (home-brew apps), there isn't any stone left unturned. You can pretty much find anything app wise. The only qualms I have about the pre 2 is the hardware. Besides the upgraded 1ghz process, gorilla glass screen, and 5mp camera, there isn't much here. The keyboard feels cheap, no on-screen keyboard (can be enabled via patch), slider mechanism feels cheap. All in all the build quality is poor and just isn't what I'm used to, especially for a higher-end phone priced near $500. One aspect of the hardware that did impress was the Gorilla glass screen. Very nice touch/feel and durability. To summarize,the hardware isn't worthy of the software. Unless you're a die-hard Palm/webOS/pre fan, I would definitely hold off and wait to see what HP has in store hardware-wise for Palm. webOS definitely has my attention and HP/Palm products will be on my radar in the future.

Build quality 6/10 cheap plastic feel, weak/loose slider mechanism, lots of gaps between plastic. However, the gorilla glass screen has a nice touch/feel to it.
Reception 9/10 good reception, no problems on the AT&T 3g network
Call quality 8/10 call quality good.
Internet 8/10 browser renders most websites quickly. Experience limited by tiny 3.1" screen
Multimedia 7/10 Music player is solid, no-frills, just works well. Video watching is limited to lower resolution screen 480x320 screen. Not an optimal experience.
Camera 7/10 5mp led flash camera, does the job. Nothing extra ordinary. Camera application is bare-bones and could use more user options
UI speed 10/10 the new 1ghz omap processor really does wonders for webOS. very snappy, on par or better with any other platform out there now.
Everyday usage 9/10 dependable, always connected
Text input 5/10 keyboard feels cheap, and keys are cramped. Keys do have decent tactile feedback There is no on-screen keyboard out of the box, you have to enable via patch. Once installed, the on screen keyboard is serviceable and greatly improves the user experience
Display 5/10 A resolution of 480x320 just isn't going to cut it in this ultra competitive segment. Although serviceable on the pre 2, the screen isn't up to par with similarly priced handsets.
Battery 7/10 Decent battery life. I haven't really timed or tested the life, but it seems to be decent. One full charge per day seems to suffice.


  • awesome webOS 2.0, snappy 1ghz omap processor, gorilla glass screen


  • Poor build quality, cheap plastics, bad slider design, overall outdated design
  • small low resolution screen

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posted on 13 Mar 2012, 20:49


Pre 2 - Decent, great for those who appreciate it, may not be the best for the average joe

kangaskhan9 has owned it for less than year before publishing this review

The Pre 2 features webOS (and all the benefits coming with it, a web search will give you all the details), and many nice touches, although it lacks what some consider fundamentals.
Wireless charging, hidden mirror, and the overall design are great.
webOS is arguably the best mobile OS, (contrary to what Apple wants you to think) but has an uncertain future and has some bugs.
Some features are lacking, e.g. OBEX (if you don't know what it is, it won't matter), Proxy support, and some other minor features.
And app selection is spartan. some big names are there, but many are conspicuously missing from the App Catalog. (there is only one actual office editing suite, compared to the 3+ of iOS)

TLDR? webOS can be the best OS, but lacks some core optimization and features. The Pre 2 has some awesome features and touches, but is not going to be destroying the iPhone anytime soon.

Build quality 7/10 Much better than its predecessors - decent, but not a 10
Reception 7/10 (do not use as phone) rating is the same as the overall before these were added
Call quality 7/10 (do not use as phone) rating is the same as the overall before these were added
Internet 8/10 Good capable browser + flash, but has some bugs great calendar + contact, syncing with the internet (via Synergy - google it) lacks official Proxy support
Multimedia 6/10 does not support many video formats screen isn't the sharpest these days USB mass storage support is a plus
Camera 6/10 does the job, nothing great or bad here more options would be appreciated video quality is not great
UI speed 7/10 great intuitive design, best multitasking available, flies through it, but webOS lags at times phone app is a trainwreck
Everyday usage 8/10 Fun to use most stuff works decently or great no major complaints
Text input 8/10 the keyboard isn't mind blowing, but its better than it initially seems. (hint: fingernails) lacks official virtual keyboard, although there is a hack to enable it.
Display 7/10 a bit on the small side, decent in most respects, can be rather bright, a bit low resolution compared to today's phones (320x480) there is also a touch-sensitive gesture area below the screen. great touch once you learn to use it.
Battery 5/10 i don't have real results, as I use mine without the phone radio on, but its definitely not great. steps to conserve battery are a must if used as a phone.


  • webOS's power and intuitivity (even fun to use)
  • great hardware design
  • many nice touches throughout (mirror on back)
  • wireless charging
  • webOS synergy
  • Multitasking is the best across the board
  • processor is no slouch
  • physical keyboard
  • gesture area is great to use
  • great ideas behind it


  • not the thinnest
  • so-so build quality
  • webOS can be buggy/quirky/slow
  • no OBEX support (not too big for most)
  • so-so battery life
  • physical keyboard
  • how to use the gesture area is not obvious
  • long boot time
  • clock can be inaccurate (in my case, it stops when turned completely off)
  • screen resolution is a bit low (320x480)

kangaskhan9 alternatives:

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posted on 20 Jun 2011, 08:55



OS has owned it for less than year before publishing this review

The potentials of the Software / Hardware is great, the execution is buggy sometimes. I have an Android phone and also had an Iphone. So I have an overview from a user perspective on the different phones and operating systems.

People like the look of the Pre 2. As it's rare, it still grabs attention everywhere. The built should be a little bit more robust, but all in all, the phone feels good. The keyboard is easy to use and works well. Using any virtual keyboard after the Pre is something I don't want. Pre's physical keyboard tops all virtual ones for sure.

In terms of the OS, it is very user friendly, and it could be the best OS out there. If you wanna use calendar, e-mail, phone, internet, notes, the basics, it's probably the best phone out there. But;

The only problem of the OS is, that it's full of glitches, that makes life a little bit annoying. It makes you feel like you are a tester of a beta product.

Like, the synergy function - that unites all your accounts and manages them harmoniously - would be a killer feature, except it's buggy. For example gmail contact sync is not smooth. I add a contact on the phone, it does not show up in my gmail account, just the other way around. Then automatic gmail setup buggy, had to fix it manually. Then in facebook feed, the posts show up as duplicates sometimes. The OS is full of things like that. People say that such issues might be fixed with the new OS release.

So, this would be a really great product without the bugs.

Build quality 8/10
Reception 10/10 People love it.
Call quality 10/10
Internet 8/10 Browser is great, multi card browsing is great too, card view is also kickass. Except Vodafone sucks on speed and service.
Multimedia 8/10
Camera 6/10
UI speed 10/10
Everyday usage 8/10
Text input 10/10
Display 8/10 Resolution should be bigger
Battery 5/10 Battery is very very very bad. Can't hold a phone 24hrs without charge.


  • User interface
  • Phone size and design
  • Keyboard
  • OS
  • concept


  • Battery life is baaaaad
  • Very few major apps
  • OS glitches
  • Camera photo / video quality
  • No widgets for the desktop screen
  • No multiple desktops

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