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Mrs.Bland posted on May 29, 2010, 10:36 PM



This has to be the worst phone cricket has ever sold .First of all it quit charging on its on it take so long to send a picture,it also has a very slow browser the picture quality is horrible theres no video it wont show anything i saved on my memory  the phone freezes and it just cuts off i can also save my contacts as one name but another names pops up this phone is the dumbest cheapest piece of shit ever but all cricket phones are shit


  • the phone was only $100


  • every dam thing bout dis phone

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tricia posted on May 25, 2010, 8:13 PM


great phone. i think.

I bought this phone back in January. I gotta admit that i have dropped it close to 30 times now and it still works like a charm. one time I was running down the street and it fell out of my pocket flip open and rolled on its side prolly 5-6 times and still works perfectly. just a little scratched up. ok maybe a lot.  The "my account" widget isnt working but i think that has something to do with cricket and not the phone. but all my other features are working. i do get the occasional "error general problems" message while trying to send texts and when I need to send texts to more than one person it usually fails for 1/2 of the people I am sending it to but if i click retry it works the second time around. I love the look and the size cause it fits perfectly into my pocket. I love the feature that allows me to slide it open and closed while I am talking on the phone without it hanging up. I just wish the internet was a little faster but again i think that is cricket and not the phone. My ringtones work perfectly. I get them from tonzer or myxer and they usually sound amazing on my phone. Also when I play music it sounds good and while the picture quality could be a little better im not complaining. cause i paid half the price of what other carriers charge for the same quality.  All in all I give it a 4/5 stars.

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K posted on Mar 26, 2010, 9:51 PM


Worst functioning phone I've own....

This phone has really let me down, and I haven't even tried all the features yet.   Owning it less than one month and the ringer has stopped ringing in (yes, I double checked all the settings already).   Went to the store, and guess what?    They told me they've had quite a few people coming back in with the phone stating the same problem......Keep in mind many people use their phone for more than just chatting......... but for the important things happening that require dependable phones.


  • The only pro did not benefit me... but rather the store I gave my money too for it.


  • Slow access to browser
  • Many functions are not dependable
  • Ringer quit working for no reason, within month of buying phone... speaker is fine.... but the hardware of the phone is the problem.

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Rusty posted on Mar 23, 2010, 7:37 AM


10 Reasons NOT to Buy This Phone

This is by far the worst phone i have ever had. I have had a motorola brick phone that was better than this. I have had this phone since Jan. 28th 2010. And i will NEVER buy one again.1.    It has low data speeds, takes close to a minute to send a text sometimes2.    The phone loses signal and goes roaming for no reason at random times3.    The phone gives an error of  "Failure: general problems" on three quarters of your texts that you try to send.4.     When you try to text to more than 2 people at the same time it gives the  "Failure: general problems" error.5.     The "save message to drafts" button is right next to the spacebar making it easy to hit and waste your time.6.     There is no way that i have found to download pictures and/or ringtones from the web on it.7.     When talking on it as a regular phone the voice quality is terrible.8.     When talking on speaker phone your voice quality goes down about 40% from the regular quality.9.     When trying to email somebody from the phone you have to push the function button after each letter.10.   The voice recognition does not recognize commands unless you raise your voice to almost a yell. 

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RevDaddyLove posted on Mar 09, 2010, 11:25 AM


Greatall around phone!!

I love this phone.  I needed a phone that would let me access web and e-mail without costing me the prices the big carriers want.  Cricket offered the TXTM8, which is a GREAT fit for my size 8.5 hands, the typing is easy, although occasionally the little bar in the middle of the keyboard causes some interesting typos.  I'd have liked to have video, but it's worth not having it for the rest of the features.  The screen is huge, and makes viewing web pages easy as pie.  I run a volunteer Emergency Services team, and we communicate primarily via text, web and e-mail and I find this phone to be the perfect fit for that.  The calendar is easy to use and works great.  The widgets are awesome and so convenient.I'm glad I got this phone, the only downside to the service is if you have a problem, don't bother calling.  Go to your local store instead.  The call centers are all located in India, Phillipenes or elsewhere around the pacific rim and they have no clue what they're doing.  I go to my local Cricket Store and receive excellant service from them.5 stars.RDL


  • Great for big hands, Huge Screen, Mobile e-mail and web are GREAT


  • Wish it had video

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Alexis posted on Mar 03, 2010, 9:56 PM


preety goodd:]

i think poeple should buy this phone.im a teenager and i love thiis phone.. the colors, the keyborad!its really easy to use. some things i hate are, how big and bulky the phone is thats preety much it!the sound is great! its a really nice phone i havent had anyproblems.i love to text with it! but when im talkinn on the phone its kinda big on my ear:pthats another thing i hate! personally its a great phone!


  • texting
  • takling
  • keyyboard,


  • bulky
  • bigg!

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Frnacisco posted on Feb 13, 2010, 9:03 PM


Really horrible Phone

I hate this phone more everyday because nothing is working like should be working I had a problem from the first week when I download an update request in the phone I accepted this request from the system when I did that the emails was not in the same location i need to go inside the APP and games menu and you can fine mobile emails there I went to cricket and nobody can fix that and they change for one completely new phone same model and I told the guy than you can not cancel the download or upgrade request and he made the samething and the new phone get the same problem also sometimes i am sending text msg and the new phone reboot for himself!!! samething that the old one. I can download music where my friend can download free!!!! i just can read the lyrics options!!! god!! please give me a break one day the principal day work fine and the next day when i want to go to other opcion in the menu i am receiving all time the same 503 error from the server. I discover I can go to MSN but is completely slow and i can not talk too much with other people because the conexion o wherever start to tell me the contact did not reveived the msg. tha Phone is completely horrible I pay more than 100 dolars

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Kenda posted on Dec 27, 2009, 7:35 PM



This phone isn't actually that bad, i dont understand how some are saying that they can't download links n such, mine works perfectly fine, the only probably i deal with this phone is the fact that the draft save is by the keypad, and it freezes once in a while, but other than that i've really had no issue with this phone, and thankfully i can find deals n get phones for cheaper then the actual retail price, but either way its not as bad!* as some say it is.

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april posted on Dec 18, 2009, 11:15 PM


I wouldnt get it again

I bought this phone the first week it came out for cricket service. I wish the display phones they have were real enough to go into, because I feel if I'd been able to explore it better I wouldnt have wasted my money.Theres so many issues with this phone. For one, you cant download from the web. It all has to be saved to a microSD card. (Which had to be formatted for the phone, and now I cant use any other phone!) You think the widgets are kewl at first, but they get annoying after awhile and dont stay set to your preferences. Like I'm an Aries. Sometimes it would pull that other times it could be any sign. The only one that ever woked right was the payment widget, of course.Its bulky size is best used two handed and doesnt fit in any of the standard size cell phone holders. I bought one of the rubberized face covers for it, but the back doesnt stay on that well and the front covers hard to remove. Then theres the bluetooth. It doesnt give you the option to bulk send like most phones. So lets say you want to send 5 songs to a friend, you have to do them each individually.The phones screen is widescreen set so most regular portrait type pics looked squeeshed, when you're able to use them. There are other issues I have with it, but I figure they are more just personal preferences. Like wishing it played indiviual tones for both rings and texts.Overall, this phone might be good for someones first phone, because they wont know any better. But if you depend on a phone, not just for...  

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Danton posted on Nov 05, 2009, 9:31 PM



First phone ever and a horrible one it is. First of all it cant download ring tones or backgrounds. If someone sends me a ring tone it wont show. Messages are sometimes almost jams it seems if someone sends u a text someone else will have to send another one and both will get through. Bad service, screen size is to small for the phone size. The save to draft button is right beside the keyboard and u often click it. Screen is wobbly. DO NOT GET THIS PHONE TRUST ME . I WENT TO THE DEALER AND THEY SAID EVERYONE HATED IT.


  • Keyboard


  • everything else

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Anonymous posted on Jul 25, 2009, 12:42 AM


Great so far!

I was really excited to buy this phone for a very long time! The stores finally got it in so I went on over and bought it!
First off, a lot of people are skeptical about the phones shape, I personally love it! And for a 1.3 mega pixel, it takes great pictures!!!  I also loooooooove the widgets bar to the left on the screen! thats something i've never seen cricKet do and it's awesome!  the phone has great call quality and good reception.  the display could be more colorful but it doesn't bother me! the menu's are awesome and easy to understand and the keyboard is incredibly easy to use! I have decently big fingers but the keyboard is so easy! i love it! i also like the email push!  i've never been able to get my email on a cricket phone before! The ringers are also loud, but speaker phone didn't seem to be very loud at all, i haven't tested it in a loud environment but it didn't seem very impressive in my room... 
The bad is i noticed that the slider seem to be a lil loose right from the start, it kinda wiggles when the slider is shut, but seems very sturdy when opened. it could be my model or it could just not be a big deal...
other than that, everythings great! i love this phone and i would recommend you get it!


  • keyboard
  • call quality
  • reception
  • camera
  • text size
  • ease of use
  • great volume
  • amazing widgets
  • alot of great features


  • doesn't feel incredibly sturdy
  • speaker volume

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