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Alltel Customer posted on Feb 18, 2009, 10:53 PM



Here's the best part: I still use this phone! I've had this phone for about 4 years now (my parents decided not to enter a new contract =( so I've been stuck with it). Honestly, this has been an extremely durable phone. I can't count how many times I've thrown it, dropped it on pavement...and it still works great. I think this phone was built more durable than all of these new phones they've been producing. Unfortunately, my wiring is starting to go bad, sometimes my phone will go off in the middle of class when I have it set on silent, and the battery is having trouble charging when it reaches its half way point of goes below. Basically, I plug it into the charger, the LCD flashes for about a minute, the phone shuts off, turns back on, continues flashing, and eventually charges. But these are the only problems I've been having, and like I said, I've had this phone for almost 4 years! And I don't understand what's so great about the camera? Apparently to everyone else, it's like amazing. I don't think it's that great. But whatev. I've been trying to get a new phone for a while now, but Alltel really needs to sell better phones! Razr's are crap, even those who never owned on know that. So what do ya do?


  • Very durable.


  • Let's face it, this phone is very much obselete by now. It's a dinosaur! Rawr!

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Chris posted on Apr 18, 2007, 4:57 PM


Thank god its discontinued..

I have this phone now (Ive had it for 2 years unfortunately) but this friday im going to get the Samsung-u740 which is a major step up. I STRONGLY dislike this phone. Horrible picture quality, no camcorder, no cool features, chunky, odd shape, the last goes on and on.. I wouldnt even want this as a replacement phone if my new phone breaks, its awful!

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Moose posted on Nov 29, 2006, 11:23 PM


poor phone

this phone is sorry.the battery drains quickly
signal strength sorry.the quality of photos is ok.the
ringtones are lousy.you can hardley here it ring

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AudiovoxH8r posted on Aug 23, 2006, 7:12 PM


Terrible Phone

I'm glad this phone was free because I wouldn't have paid a dime for it. It was horrible. It took HORRIBLE PICTURES, always dropped calls and continually stayed on analog killing my battery. It ts not worth 189.00 or 1.89.

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Tiffany posted on Aug 11, 2005, 7:24 PM



Okay, here's the thing. I got my 8910 about a month ago and found that it has the "voice memo" option. Love it. Only one prob. I can't figure out how to erase what I have recorded. I would like to get rid of some stuff so I can redord new stuff...Any of you guys have any ideas, post it for me, please. Other than that, I love the phone! Also, I have a prepaid service through Cellular One and I wanted to know if there is a way to get ring tones...Or a way to make the voice memo a voice recording. If so, email me. hunny_punkin_loverbutt_6@yahoo.com Thanks! Tiff-

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Virgin Mobile customer posted on Mar 03, 2005, 12:54 PM


Fun phone, great camera

This camera phone is awesome. There is a flash and everything, plus is the fact that you can "customize" how the pictures are taken (adjust brightness, etc.) It is so easy to take a picture.

I like this phone and all the features. You can download superphonic ringtones and everything. I think that the volume of the ringtones could be louder as I have heard phones with louder ringtones, but it does the job.

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Etude posted on Feb 08, 2005, 6:11 PM


Good Phone but GREAT Camera

The phone's camera is definitely first rate and very user-friendly. Once you turn on the phone, press the button on the side of the phone to turn the camera on, and press it again to take the photo- it's really that simple. The phone's screen shows exactly the image you're shooting, so you can't screw it up! The picture quality is very good especially for a camera phone and the added flash is helpful in low-light situations . You can store up to 100 pictures in the phone's memory.

The other is that Other than that, everything else about this phone is fantastic!

Favorite Features:

Full Color Screen with an EASY to navigate menu system. It's simple from here to program your phone numbers and voice dialing, to choose a ringtone or wallpaper and access all of the fun MTV and Comedy Central content that is available through the VirginXL features. The only problem this phone has is a very limited battery time, the multimedia applications can drain the battery very fast, so be careful.

Downloadable Games, they're a bit pricey (most are $4.99) but they're great games that I play all the time on the internet and now I have access to them whenever I want on my phone. (I'm obsessed with "Bejeweled"!)

Superphonic Ringtones which allow you to use ACTUAL songs and audio clips, not the digitized versions that most phones use.

I highly recommend this phone to anyone who wants both a great phone with fun and useful features and a camera that takes good quality pictures, all...  

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ifiwereafish posted on Feb 07, 2005, 2:27 PM


Great camera phone loaded with features!

This is a great choice for anyone looking for a camera phone and wanting to save money. Most other camera phones required me to get a 2-year contract in order to make them affordable, whereas this phone has NO contract with Virgin Mobile and is on a pay-as-you-go rate. The phone itself has great features including a very good quality camera phone with decent picture storage, easy to navigate buttons, cool interface, ability to download ringtones/games and more. It's also a very sleek phone! In the past few weeks since I switched from my old phone, I've had numerous people coveting my flasher!

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lilshizzy posted on Jan 18, 2005, 3:17 PM


Great camera phone!

When I found out Virgin Mobile was coming out with a camera phone all I could say was “hell yea!”. Finally a camera phone on a pre-paid services plan. The v7 Flasher is great, not only for the camera, but for all the extra features I wasn't really expected. Superphonic ring tones, Wap brower, great battery life, great reception, and it's even smaller then I‘d first though (the exact same size and weight as my v5 slider).

The camera again is my main reason for wanting this phone and after testing it out under many different conditions it doesn't disappoint. The quality wonderful for a camera phone, and the process of sending pictures to your friends is a snap. You can send pictures either to another camera phone, to your virgin mobile online account, or directly to an e-mail address (doesn‘t work with gmail, I‘ve tried). One thing that pleasantly surprised me was that you can even take pictures while the phone is flipped closed and the small external screen acts as a viewfinder.

My only gripe with this phone would be the overall look. There are so many sweet looking camera/flip phones out right now that this one just doesn't compare. I'm differently not complaining cause I love what this phone does and how well it does it, but if there were something I could change the look would be it.

All n' all this phone is a must have for anyone looking to upgrade to the camera phone generation and not have to sign a contract.

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