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Tavarus Morrison
posted on 17 Mar 2006, 13:59


Best phone ever!!!

i have got to say that this is the best phone i have ever had! i love this phone and i hope to find another one like this! now i have to be stuck with the lame dorado phone.

Design 10/10
Features 10/10
Sound Quality 10/10
Signal Strength 10/10
Value for money 10/10

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posted on 23 Feb 2006, 10:11


its a sturdy phone

I have had the phone for about 2yrs now and dont see any problems with it, the bat. dies quick (about 3 hrs) when talking but overall its a good phone. i have dropped it kicked it thrown it and even dropped it into a fuel tank of a 737......still works other than the fuel smell it had for about a month. its a good mid range phone that works everytime.

Design 7/10
Features 7/10
Sound Quality 9/10
Signal Strength 8/10
Value for money 8/10

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posted on 13 Jun 2005, 00:21


alrite i guess..............

It was ok i guess but as he said not worth purchasing. it gets hot and the battery dies fast and there are plenty of better phones out there. camera sux! not clear at all! Well take my advice and buy a different phone and sometimes that phone freezes up and you can't see the nubmber you are dialing. YOu can't have it on silent mode to talk . Well yeah ..........

Design 8/10
Features 6/10
Sound Quality 10/10
Signal Strength 6/10
Value for money 4/10

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posted on 01 Mar 2005, 20:49


Supervisor of Operations

I think this phone is an excellent display of what the consumer can expect from it's phone company. Nothing worth purchasing if you ask me.

Design 2/10
Features 2/10
Sound Quality 2/10
Signal Strength 2/10
Value for money 2/10

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