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Anonymous posted on Nov 19, 2008, 5:23 PM


I agree with the frustrations voiced by others, especially with the annoyance of the AVR button on the side activating whenever I brush against something.  It is very embarrassing to begin beeping at any time and any place (even when all other sounds have been disabled!).

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M Taylor posted on Sep 27, 2008, 12:33 AM


I despise this phone

I've had this phone for only a week or so, and I hate it a little more every day.  It's clumsy to hold, clunky to navigate, and i think the only thing it's good for is accessing the numbers designated In Case of Emergency (ICE), which take up a great deal of the keyboard.  The battery life seems ridiculously short, and it has trouble picking up a signal in out in the country, in the very same places where other people on the same system seem to be having no problem  Conclusion: if you're not feeling well, and you never leave town, and you suddenly decide to call the Fire Department, it might be fine.  But if you want a reliable phone that knows what it's doing, and that stays alive for more than a day or so, pick another.


  • No bells and whistles, which is a plus for some people


  • Performance is spotty, displays are primitive, navigating is awkward.

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marty a. grasier posted on Jun 21, 2008, 10:21 AM


Cheap Price But No Camera

i payed $9.99 off the verizon website for this phone, in December. I dont need a fancy phone, and this phone has great stuff to offer. Do not judge a book by its cover. One thing I'm dissapointed with is that there is no camera. But that's okay, because I purchased a Nikon camera for taking pictures. I think the phone is free right now, but no matter if it's free or $9.99, it's well worth the purchase.

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Anonymous posted on Apr 28, 2008, 2:08 PM


Only two things to complain about....
ONE: Battery life is not working as stated in the Specs. This phone will run down in one day with very little talktime involved.

TWO: You can not shut the stupid voice activated dialing off. or at least disable the side buttons... If this could be done this phone would be the best plain phone for the elderly and phone Illiterite....SP?

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Brad West posted on Nov 25, 2007, 5:01 PM



Not a bad little phone...slim & trim but has a design flaw. a HUGE problem is that side buttons can be activated when one bends or stoops down - apparently trousers are tight enough to activate things...before I,knew it, a woman's voice was talking to me from my pocket telling me to voice activate a number and, once, it even dialed a number from my contact list! But the BIGGEST problem is battery. Would you believe being on a charger ove night, and at 8 AM showing fully chared and by 4 PM only 1 bar showing....with NO CALLS or CALLING! So, I guess I am looking for an extended battery to see if I can at least get a full day out of it. There's more, but that's enough for now.

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Senor Phone Reviewer posted on Oct 20, 2007, 12:38 AM



Ok heres the deal on this guy right here...it may be the best entry level non-camera meant for the elderly or cellular illiterate I have ever seen.

There is nothing to this device. No internet, no EVDO, no camera, just a phone (and text if you want it...for your BFF Rose).

This phone is being touted to the over 65 market and it seems a winner. With big backlit buttons, a big screen where you can easily see the numbers (ala the samsung u540), great signal, and easy to hear....you'll be getting this for grandma when you add her onto your plan.

The peace of mind ICE (in case of emergency) buttons that reside under the screen are also a nice seller, along with an emergency dedicated 911 button (no you cant just hit it by mistake).

I would have liked to have seen no buttons or levers on the sides, as people hit them by mistake, then fear the unknown and run screaming to their geritol, but we'll have to live with this one oversight.

For the money and peace of mind of owning a phone, I would pick one of these up in a heartbeat just to keep someone that wants a phone "just in case" and isn't looking for any proverbial "bells and whistles".

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