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source posted on Jul 18, 2010, 9:23 AM


xda flame (overview)

although this may not be the [hone for everyone, it suits me welli've been looking for a versatile pocket pc with tons of applications, great software support and of coarse, a good hardwarethe XDA Flame was one of the candidate, although this has been a 3 year old device, it never cease to amaze methe pros (+)-USB on the gowith proper drivers, your xda flame could be a real "pocket PC" , i've tried connecting external fold-able keyboard and mouse via USB hub, and both works well, i could type in documents while on the go.you could also plug in thumb drives in it to add in storage,  plug in your digital camera for immediate viewing and sending via wireless (wi-fi or gprs) -VGA screenalthough most PDAs nowadays has VGA screens, this was one of the 1st  (in its time where qvga rule the planet), the VGA screen (640x480) pixel is good enough for browsing without having to lose much of the view of the page you're browsing, -NVidia 5500 GoForce graphics acceleratoranother plus for this unit, you could watch movies via tcpmp that use the graphics processor insted of the 520mhz main processor, this means you will have better, smooth flowing actions and better battery life too-2megapixel CMOS cam with auto focus and led flashwell, not a highlight actually, but during its time, it is one of the only few pocket pc that has auto focus feature, most has 2 mega pixel cam and flash but has no auto focus (xda stealth has) but still, a newbie cam compared to lets say, nokia and ericssonsthe...  


  • -usb on the go
  • -crisp VGA screen
  • -NVidia GoForce GPU


  • -battery life
  • -battery life
  • -battery life
  • and
  • -battery life

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