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Kapil posted on Jul 07, 2007, 2:05 PM


Kapil, India

No Stereo Bluetooth Headset :(
Shape and Size!
Not able to change MMC w/o removing battery. But not a big deal, as it is still capable of handling 512MB comforably. My friend has 1GB in it.
No Internal Explorer
Cannot Select Song Play list if it is playing a song.
Have to use adaptor socket to connect to Headphones/Car Stereo etc.

I've this phone for 4yrs now ~ that too, bought it from a friend!
FM Radio Stereo Recording
Any Audio Source INPUT with infinite Stereo Recording (depends upon MMC)
Can Playback most Audio Formats (New N-Series lacks this capability). Most of them can only play MP3, WAV.
You can set any song format as your RingTone. (Recorded aac; .wav files, mp3 files).
Sturdy: I've dropped my phone several times, fallen from stairs - except for minor cosmetic damages, everything is in good shape.
I'm trying to search a new affordable phone with these features and I'm not able to find such a fantastic phone.

Above all, BEST PHONE that I've seen so far. If Nokia only do:
1. Reduce Size
2. Add bluetooth Stereo Functionality
3. Allow to select Play List while playing
It would top in sales, feedback frm Customers.

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EPIC_TRUTH posted on Oct 15, 2005, 7:13 PM



This phone was a true state of the art phone but was marketed by Nokia and all the mobile providers horribly in the USA (it was marketted to the highschool teen male crowd for gaming). The best way to have marketed this phone is to simply show a person carrying this one device and comparing to someone have multiple devices to do the same thing. This phone should have been marketed as swiss-army knife, jack-of-all-trades, and most of all a smart phone (a lot of people when they first see me with it thinks it's a toy until I show them what it does).

There were several bad design flaws that Nokia addressed poorly with the QD, the main things other than marketting which hampered the phone were the following: sideways talking (it makes a person looky goofy and stupid), internal mmc card which makes it hard to change (this wouldn't have been so bad if they made a provision to have two cards, one internal that a person would use for emails and daily programs and an external slot for games; sidenote in Europe you can buy an accessory that would allow usage of two mmc cards on the QD by replacing the battery cover), headphone requirement for radio (this was really bad, it's obvious people would shortly want a bluetooth stereo headphones), proprietary bluetooth for headphone (again bad), charge port in a poor location (hard to handle playing a game and charging at the same time), portrait view (landscape is so much better for games and movies), and higher gprs class rating would of...  

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Terd posted on Jan 11, 2005, 2:31 PM



well, n-gage is one of the coolest model of nokia. i was amazed by this phone. it would be much good if this phone can have a camera and video recorder. the design is unique i mean "ASTIG" in filipino term...

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