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slowpoke posted on Apr 29, 2009, 1:41 PM


not bad, not good

this phone is very slow. Its embarasing to take a picture to somebody and ask to stay quiet because camera is super slow. also the phone menu and meda browser is slow. if this phone were fast, It will be the perfect phone.


  • display, battery charge speed, loudspeaker, flash player, size


  • slow

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DiegoML posted on Jan 16, 2009, 3:31 PM


Mixed Feelings

I've got good and bad feelings about this phone. It's well sized, is elegant, functional, and a lot of usefull features as WiFi, 3G, a pretty decent camera with good light and that kind of stuff. No problems at all with signal, audio or SO hangs.
The bad side of this phone is the lack of free USEFUL software for Symbian (very bad developer policy), que plastics quality, the slider system and the lack of simple things like changing the fontsize for example. After one month of normal use you can hear all the plastics cracking and making noise. Another annoying thing is the buzz sound behind the keypad while the backlight is active. The sliding system could be much better, the two parts of the phone could start touching and leaving marks on the keypad sides. There's no support for micro SDHC also, you are limited to 2gb memory cards. No firmware update to fix this.


  • WiFi, Style, Tools, Size, Battery Life, Audio.


  • Construction quality, Sliding system, no micro SDHC support, interface personalization (font-size, visual aids, etc.), buzz sound behind the keypad.

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Anz posted on Nov 08, 2008, 8:27 AM


Must buy..

The Nokia E65 used to be my dads he used it for 1 year and now he gave it to me. It has stayed in perfect condition and it looks good as new. Love the gripSlide up is perfectEasy to handleVery good volumeCamera is better than any phone i've ownedGood business phoneMust buy phone

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barkin posted on Oct 09, 2008, 1:00 PM


Very Slow

There are two bads with this phone.
1. Works extremely slow, i mean it, like when you browse the menus it takes annoying amount of time to get them opened.
2. When slided open, it gives an annoying sound at the background; can be heard when close to your ear or in quiet.

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vishal posted on Jul 09, 2008, 6:22 PM


i love my phone! must buy

Ive had this phone for 4 months, and ive used every feature! even the group calling, which allows you to make groups of people you can conference, at a time. I paid a bit more for the black version, since the brown didnt look that good in person. the battery life is great! 2 days no charge, no problem. the video and photo res is good too. and I love the speaker and sound quality, i use it as a personal music player as well. the calander is my most frequently used app. and it works better than any other compact phone organizer. its a smartphone in disguise as a regular slider. it has office apps. a comprehensive converter, world time clocks... and lets not forget WIFI!!! at any public hotspot or home, i can browse the web with ease, check weather, traffic showtimes. etc. its hard to find a device in this size with these features. only.. no fm radio like in other nokias, no flash for cam, and ive had a few software freese ups due to downloading and installing apps and games from free sites. Also I use Tmobile, so the reception could be better, its good but not great with a gsm carrier. Its a handsome phone and a headturner, since its not widely available in the US, people ask about it. simple innovative features like auto brighteness help max the battery. the one touch my key feature allows you to access ur favorite feature with one button. the predictive text is good too, the number keys are large enough yet neat looking on the pad. all in all... the black and chrome look is very...  

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Lefty posted on May 13, 2008, 8:25 PM


An excellent business phone for travelers!

I love my Nokia E65. It synchronized with my Exchange Server with free software from Nokia, it works in pretty much every country on the planet, including Japan and Korea, so I no longer have to rent a phone when I go there. It's got Bluetooth, WiFi, and VoIP support, so I can receive and make internet calls when I'm in range of a WiFi access point. The formfactor is perfect, the construction is solid, and the screen is beautiful. The only thing I could wish for with this phone is built-in GPS (although it'll pair with an external Bluetooth GPS receiver).

I'm not a big fan of Series 60--it's the cell phone OS for people who like to push buttons a lot--but the features of this phone are terrifically compelling for someone who is constantly traveling from one place to another....

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bob posted on Sep 16, 2007, 7:21 PM


best in class

i had mine 4 month now, is best can get with all features, big screen, WLAN, okay camera.
nice slide mechanism, slim but not too skinny will break.
all options will need, including office if i ever will need to use.
simple to use, is lovely, thanks nokia for making something that has the right design flair an actually give features to match.

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Glinka Komitov posted on Mar 30, 2007, 4:27 PM



The best middle phone! Design of the phone is perfrct for slide!
Features is very good!
Sound quality is almost perfect, but not radio!
Signal Strenght is good!

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