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jax posted on May 17, 2008, 8:51 PM


Awesome much ??

If you want a reliable phone get this one! I've dropped it porbably like a million times and it still works.I've had the same phone, just one for more then a year.I've also dropped it to the point where the battery falls out and it still works. I went swimming in the lake once and I 4got my phone was in my pocket, and when I get out my phone still works instead of crashing. It's an awesome first phone or just a great reliable phone.

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Erlina posted on Nov 22, 2006, 4:13 PM


A phone to settle with

My friends and I will go out and my phone is the only one that will hold a reception in valleys! So great reception!

I charge my phone at nights but I have never had a battery problem....I can talk as much as I like! So great Battery!

I was always a skeptic of camera phone's picture quality...however this one is quite amazing! So Great pixel quality!

It is small and light weight so you can carry it in your pocket without noticing it...however since it is small it is easy to misplace...if you have problems with that this might not be the phone for you. Great Size and Weight!

For all you gamers out there....the joystick feature is a's much easier than usual arrow systems....I enjoy it.

And what can I say, "It's cute!"

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kid nova posted on Apr 27, 2006, 3:57 PM


wow! a verizon phone that sounds good!...odd

after swithching to pay as you go i was forced to abandon my beloved samsung a790 for this pice of simplicity. but you know what it does best what ive been ranting about and against(*see my review for razor) make good signaled and well sounding phone calls...and thats what its all abot people. with rebate its a good price for a well performing phone well average design...but atleast sleak looking amongst all the disgracefuly designed phones presenty available at verizion that almost all are overrun with kiddie crap features ang depressing sound quality. yes i to would like features in aphone...and yes thier weak here...but i can honestly say this phones sound outperfomed every single phone i ytested in over 5 stores where i made phone calls off the display models and at least 3 phones i took home only to return(since policy didnt allow me to i had to haggle with mang. to do so) to sum up-this is a phone for callers - period. is it rinky dink? YES... but at this point...beggers cant be choosers. so just figure what a phone is meant for and buy accordingly!

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phoneguy posted on Mar 09, 2006, 7:50 PM


an alright phone

I have this phone from U.S. Cellular in Illinois .
The phone is small .

Call quality is ok
The screen is a bit washed out and the keys are small.
Battery life is excellent. It does have a camera and will actually record a short video.[ a nice feature]
The phone has a joystick and it takes some getting used to. But not that hard to figure out.

Overall a pretty phone with good features and great battery life.

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