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Pennington posted on Oct 24, 2009, 6:42 PM



The phone lookes very good but has several draw backs. The speaker quality is terrible. Voice vibrate and are loud-hard to understand a person. Drops the bluetooth quite often. You cannot ajdjust ring tone loudness and voice loudness seperately. Battery doesn't last very long. Would not reccomend this phone ever. I've had several Nokias and have liked them. This one I hate.


  • Looks good


  • Speaker quality is very poor. Vibrates and can't understand anyone. Drops bluetooth connections all of the time. Can't adjust volume of ring tones and voice seperately. Battery charge only lasts a few hours.

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GMurray posted on Oct 15, 2009, 11:44 AM



 I have had the 6205 for 14 months and have to agree with an earlier review that the speaker in the phone is not up to par and voices are not clear unless the volume is down. I dont have that problem when using my bluetooth ear bud so I have to conclude the problem is in the phone speaker.I have recently replaced the battery - from a Verizon store - where I got the phone so I wouldnt be accused of buying a cheap after market battery. The phone needs to be recharged twice a day even though I am on a digital signal, this is Vermont. I experimented last night by fully charging the battery by 10pm, made no phone calls, left it closed but on, and the battery was nearly exhausted by 7am. I would not consider this phone again.

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Julie Uriell posted on Dec 30, 2008, 10:05 AM


Nokia 6205

This phone is awful.  The earpiece speaker is terrible.  People sound distorted and muffled.  I have a hard time understanding what people are saying.  Very cheap, tinny sound.  If I turn the volume way down it is a little bit better, but not good.  My Verizon store in Merriam Ks won't exchange it out - says it is fine.  Unless I want to pay full price for a different phone.  Sometimes it just powers down and back on and the battery has to be charged every other day. 

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your average joe. posted on Aug 16, 2008, 6:58 PM



I am surprised with this phone. i underestimated this phone. this phone is excellent at making and receiving calls. I almost always have full bars and the sound quality is excellent when someone calls me. i always hear people perfectly, and is seems like I am using a home phone. so this phone is flawless in making and receiving calls.

this phone has many many features on it with nothing new or old. it just has a lot of good and useful features.

i also love the design , the dark knight edition is black and is is rounder on the bottom and at the top the phone is straight cut off.the logo is extremely cool and ring tones are awesome. This phone is an excellent all-around phone and i recommend this phone to anyone including batman. this phone is really worth the money and is affordable.

i love this phone and will be using it for a long time. one last thing is that on the external display acts like an mp3 player and the buttons next to the display controls the mp3 player.

i hope you enjoyed reading my review.

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cellluuuuarrr posted on Aug 14, 2008, 10:45 PM



this phone is really good in all areas

it has good features, reallllly goood sound quality i can hear perfectly, always good signal strentgh, and definietly worth the money. people who say the battery life is terrible, is wrong, they probably have a defected phone. anyway... this phone is awesome! get it

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Bender posted on Aug 05, 2008, 10:06 AM


Decent basic phone

I like this phone because it is very easy to use. The form factor, buttons, and software are intuitive. The signal strength has been good for me It doesn't turn on and play music in my pants or take pictures of my wallet. The Batman theme is totally optional (it isn't even installed by default in case you just want a black phone). Although not the intended audience, I expect older people would like this phone. I will be keeping it, but there are some nitpicks.

My number one gripe with the phone is that the call clarity is not great -- I believe the earpiece speaker is just cheap. I often can't seem to get a volume setting that is loud enough but not distorted.

All the extra features of this phone are just mediocre. The speakerphone is a bit distorted too, and the non-trainable voice dial software is guaranteed to call the wrong person. The battery is good for maybe two days of real world standby. The usb sync works with Windows Media Player or the awful Verizon/Rhapsody software-- it doesn't seem to be full featured enough to work with bitpim or gnokii, at least under Linux (it appears to be recognized as a modem though). Bluetooth works, but transfering mp3s can only go to a folder that is not accessible by the music player. I end up pulling the memory card and using a USB adapter on my PC. There is no stereo bluetooth profile anyway--this device was not seriously meant to replace your mp3 music player.

It may sound like I'm trashing the phone, but if you just...  

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rbborder posted on Aug 03, 2008, 12:10 AM


Not worth trying

I've had the phone for three weeks and have had problems with the phone the entire time. I switched the battery out during the first week i had the phone and the new battery performed like the first, poorly. The phone seems to drain the battery down quickly. The battery has to be charged every other night even if there were no calls made. The second week the phone randomly would shut down even with a full battery, and two or three of those times were when I was using the phone. I gave the phone the chance and am tired of dealing with it, I will be taking it back asap. The phone does look slick and the Batman features are cool, however, they are not cool enough to deal with the phones other problems.

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Brandon posted on Jul 12, 2008, 2:32 AM


Waste of Money

Phone is very light feels like you are holding a piece of cardboard. Get extremely hot after a few minutes of use. Very hard to understand the person on the other line. I will be trading this in very shortly.

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