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Nokia 5630 XpressMusic User Reviews

8.9 Based on 7 Reviews

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Call quality8/10
Build quality10/10
Text input8/10
Everyday usage10/10
UI speed8/10

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posted on 12 Feb 2012, 13:26 (Posts: 0; Member since: 12 Feb 2012)


comfortable, light, and nice phone

sakoliganio has owned it for more than one year before publishing this review

loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there are no reasons not to dislike nor ignor it. it is scarce, not known to some people, when they see my phone, first thing asked "where did u get this ??" so this smartphone is a very good desire for everyone...

Build quality 10/10
Reception 9/10
Call quality 8/10
Internet 9/10
Multimedia 10/10
Camera 9/10
UI speed 8/10
Everyday usage 10/10
Text input 8/10
Display 9/10
Battery 8/10

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posted on 24 Apr 2010, 07:23


nokia 5630- rich with features and very poor in durability

 I'm using this phone for almost 8 moths. it's so ergonomic and so comfy to use.it'll surely fit every pocket. the screen is slightly on the smaller side but seems ok,but it's not very vibrant. All features are worth and though it had few bugs with music player those were rectified with firmware update. Overall a great phone.  Things become a nightmare if u put ur cell to rough use or had it long enough (say 7-8 months).The all plastic design is not only cheap but it'll put u into trouble.In my usage (i'm so careful in handling cellphones) i had given it for service almost 5 times which is so bad for phone(i dint drop my cell down even once).The issues were related to screen and keys.The keypad is "so messaging friendly" but again it's not durable and your entire keypad gets cramped and u end up with keys getting struck.(provided u r a heavy texter). So,though the phone s quite cheap and feature rich it utterly fails in durability. U can hang around with it, "problem free" for only a few months and problems will start filling your pocket as days go on..If durability is not a concern for u then this phone is for u!

Design 8/10
Features 8/10
Performance 8/10


  • feature rich!
  • slim design
  • wi-fi
  • 3g
  • price tag


  • a bit small screen
  • very poor build quality

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posted on 06 Mar 2010, 17:28


Comments on 5630

So far this the best phone i bought. . . . it has everything i want for a cellphone. . music player, internet browsing and can download latest java games. . . although it can play n-gage games but i never use it. . . The most feature I like in this phone is the wi-fi feature. . . i like the speed of the processor. . .it is the best cellphone for me even thought that N series and E series are better in terms of features. .  Overall this phone is the best from physical aspect to the actual features itself. . . I recommend this phone for everyone who wants a slim cellphone but the features are great

Design 9/10
Features 9/10
Performance 9/10

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posted on 06 Jan 2010, 05:24


Nokia 5630 XpressMusic runs on a powerful ARM11 processor at 600 MHz and features a 2.2” TFT QVGA display with 16 million colors. It features microSDHC memory slot and stereo Bluetooth. Also on-board is a 3.5mm jack, which is one of the must-have features on a music phone, and a 3.2-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, also capable of recording 640x480 video at 15 frames per second 

Design 8/10
Features 7/10
Performance 7/10


  • battery life
  • the best processeur speed


  • memory

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posted on 04 Jan 2010, 06:55


Excellent Smart Phone at Affordable Price

First Nokia smart phone ever with affordable price with all major features, 3G, WIFI, MUSIC, 3.2 mega pixel camera, I tried 12mb software installation it works fine, Mail of Exchange, Quick Office, onboard 4GB micro SD, ultra slim...etc.I am using this phone for bussiness & entertainment, I m 100 % satified user from six months.Based on my reccomendation two friends bought the same model and they are also happy with the handset.

Design 10/10
Features 10/10
Performance 10/10

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posted on 10 Sep 2009, 01:16


superb phone - slim, symbian, xpress music, wifi, speedy prosessor, good camera, light weight, n-gage ......etc.

Design 10/10
Features 10/10
Performance 10/10

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mohan ram
posted on 13 Jun 2009, 01:05


slim performer straight away

Atlast we have a smart phone from nokia tat's neither too heavy and nor too costly.Branded under the name xpress music trully this phone is a top class performer in music.Excellent quality music can be experienced in head phones.But that's not where the player stops.it's the only 2nd mobile with symbian s60 latest edition which it borrowed form its touchscreen partner 5800.Wat more? it ships in with a 4gb microsd card.I've gone through reviews and specs in many web pages and have summarised the pros n cons..
Am on due to buy this phone in 2 weeks.(it costs an approx 199 euros before tax n subsidaries)
Stop reading too many reviews.Go, buy a 5630 tday.i'm sure t'll never let u down any time. And u'll surely fall in love with it's ultra slim design.

Design 8/10
Features 9/10
Performance 10/10


  • *extremely slim design
  • *dedicated music keys
  • *dedicated music hardware
  • *mind blowing 600Mhz processor
  • *superb 128 mb RAM
  • *3g,wi-fi.
  • *unique say n play music feature(nly found also in 5320)
  • *dedicated camera key
  • *4gb card included(hot swappable too)
  • *cool contacts bar
  • *symbian s60 platform
  • *N-gage support
  • *new EDOF technology


  • *front panel a finger print magnet
  • *somewhat cheap design(more of plastic)
  • *screen resolution not so awesome
  • *small display for n-gage lovers

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