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Nokia 3600 slide User Reviews Back

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YENROD posted on Nov 06, 2009, 5:58 PM



Ive had 2 of these and for a good while I stuck with a Fly it suited me and done what I wanted..till the screen broke thru' my noncelance.

Anyhow this came along and it wasnt long till the battery lasting came of note. Its THE single item of this phone that noticeable..& read that its to do with the slider and nokia haven't had a good record with them...

In 2006 I had a Panasonic that lasted a week - how can technology go, effectively, backwards. Somethings seriously amiss.

Either way, away from the battery standby times; the features are pretty and good; maps, mp3 player - good quality headphones, good radio, reminders, txting - mms'ing, calls - ok. Alarms very ergonomic... Themes are wide and far available to multiple of tens of thousands available. The screen is outstanding 16 mill. colours - what more juh want other than an AMOLED variant.

In Nokias the 'software' that runs the phones are either S40 (the S meaning series) with subsequent editions ie s40 3rd edition (like this is) or S60 which populate hones like the 5800 (which is S60 5th edition).. The editions are VERY different in appearance and operation..S60 is sort of intricate and quite difficult to get hold of or understand typeofthing ie the display settings are tucked away in the settings whereas on this S40 3rd Edition its easily 'logically' accessible. This Nokia UI (user interface/platform) is or was critical with phones but then...  





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Anonymous posted on Jan 14, 2009, 2:18 AM


The buttons are all responsive and work just fine.  I find the outer buttons (the soft keys and the open/end call) to be a teensy bit loose now but nothing bad.  The backlight is nice and bright.  You can see the screen in daylight unlike the Razr.  The colors might wash out completely in direct sunlight but you can still see the screen.  Vast improvement on the Razr when I couldn't see the screen at all even in indirect sunlight.  
You cannot adjust the brightness of the display. The brightness itself is not a problem.  It is very bright and clear.  The only problem I see with that is if the battery is getting old and it drains it faster down the road but it is not a problem now.  
Hmm . . oh and one time it accidentally dialed someone while in my pocket but that can be resolved by locking the keypad which it will ask you when you close the slide while on the main screen anyway. Or you can just as easily make a shortcut for that.

And I don't know for sure but something else to throw out there is that it might not send a picture message with more than one picture attached.  It seemed like it just took the last picture and that was the only one the recipient received.  I still have to play with that though to see if that is the case or if there is a way around that.
I was not a fan of the idea of a slider but I really needed a phone and settled on this one.  It has definitely worked out for the best for...  

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Anonymous posted on Jan 14, 2009, 2:15 AM


The music player works well.  You have to tell it to stop because it will just keep playing and going through your songs if you don't.  This is meant to be for multi-tasking so you can do other things on your phone while the music still plays uninterrupted.   
Hmm, I know this is a long review already but I am just trying to be thorough for anyone that wants to know about this phone.  I went from a 2.2" screen on the Razr to a 2" screen on this phone and while it is noticeable if you hold them next to each other, it is not that noticeable when you look at the Nokia itself.  Screen size was a big deal for me.  I wanted a large screen because I personally can't stand the small ones but the dimensions of this phone make the screen feel larger than it is so that is nice.  

Oh, sometimes the camera button on the side of the phone might not respond right away.  You do a short press and it is supposed to open the still-shot camera.  If you press and hold it for a second or two, it opens the video camera.  I don't use this button at all.  I just designated a shortcut with the navigation key so that I press "up" and it opens the camera.While the camera is in use, you can switch from still-shot to video very easily by pressing "left" or "right" on the navigation keys.  That will also depend on the mode the camera is in such as landscape or portrait.  When in landscape, you hold the phone sideways so...  

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Anonymous posted on Jan 14, 2009, 2:13 AM


I have had this phone for a couple of months now and it is a nice phone.  It feels very smooth and fits well in your hand.  The keys are all a nice size and even the top row is easy to use.  The slide mechanism is nice as well.  The only issue with the slide is that you will get slight scratch marks on the bottom of the phone and perhaps on the keys.  You can try different ways of pushing it to avoid it but you will probably end up with some scratches anyway.  The scratches I have on mine are not overly noticeable though so it is up to you if that matters or not.  And the phone is designed to be opened by pushing on the bottom so you are mostly limited to that which adds to your risk of scratching.  The slide is very sensitive too.  You barely have to touch it and it can move slightly.  It won't open fully but it moves a little. The menus are arranged nicely and fairly easy to operate.  The ringer volume is nice and loud.
Call clarity is nice as well.  I have not had any problems with that at all.   Battery life is good.  An issue with operation that I have come across is that if you go through some of the functions too fast for the phone to "think" it will reboot itself.  For example, I would try out different themes.  When I would go back into the gallery and go to the next item I wanted to apply, the screen would go white then black and then when it came back on it would be...  


  • Smooth design.
  • Menu is easy to use.
  • Calls are loud and clear.
  • Ringtones are loud and clear (as long as the file itself originally has a
  • decent volume.)
  • Display and key backlight are bright and clear.
  • Key size and responsiveness are good.
  • Does everything it should do and does it well.


  • Sometimes the bottom keys can get a little scratched from sliding.
  • The phone will reset if you don't give it a few seconds to process certain functions.
  • Vibration isn't super strong (only a slight con, not that bad really)
  • Possibly might only be able to send a single file at a time per multimedia message (again not a big deal but up to your personal preference)
  • Fingerprint magnet.

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