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Alex Wiedzmin
posted on 13 Jan 2010, 03:25


Great Nokia headset

This is one of the first Nokia headsets that showed their focus on design as well as engineering. Highly customizable and very reliable, with call quality superior to some of it's smaller counterparts (although after 5165's external antenna it seemed rather spotty). You're unlikely to find one of these in use anymore, except perhaps amongst the elderly, but there is nothing this phone cannot do as a, well, phone.

Design 9/10
Features 9/10
Performance 10/10


  • Sleek design, great call quality, good battery life, interchangeable faceplates


  • Confusing hardware buttons, power button tends to stick

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Christian Szita
posted on 01 Feb 2006, 22:27


Best quality

Despite this phone has been discontinued long time ago, it has a powerful feature not seen on every phone out there, it has the Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR), that dramatically improves voice quality.
Battery life should be 5% shorter than without it but you definetly hear the difference. If it's not activated in your phone you can do it with *3370#.
If for some reason you want to de-activate it just type #3370#.

It's kind of bulky if you consider today's lightweight models around there, but this is a phone that will never ket you down.
Has voice dialing, a feature lacking in some of todays low-end phones..!!

Design 6/10
Features 6/10
Sound Quality 10/10
Signal Strength 10/10
Value for money 10/10

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