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posted on 01 May 2010, 16:19


Not recommendable

 I have been using this phone every day for the past one year, mainly for text messaging, sometimes for calling, and never for web browsing. ADVANTAGES for me: (1) very slim and light; (2) allows for 50 template text messages; (3) allows text from messages to be copied and pasted fairly easily. (4) If a text message comes in, containing several telephone numbers or e-mail addresses, it can recognize them easily, so that I can save any of those numbers without having to retype them. (5) It has a built-in memo recorder, which is handy, but this may be common on all cell phones. (6) With the separate Nokia Suite software, I can back up all my contacts on the phone, but that is about all. The other USEFUL funcions are only available online by purchase. There are a few useless functions available, such as sending a text message through your computer, but who needs that?. Moreover, the software makes my computer go crazy, so I have to uninstall the software immediately after using it to back up my cell phone for example, and then reinstall it again, the next time I need to make a back up. DISADVANTAGES: (1) The first one I bought broke down in the first two weeks, and would not correctly start up. I returned it to the store, and the clerk told me that another customer had returned his for the same reason. During the one year that I have had my replacement, it has also malfunctioned a number of times, not accepting my new profile settings, for example (e.g. I set it to silence,...  

Design 10/10
Features 5/10
Performance 4/10

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olivier Sommelet
posted on 04 Jan 2009, 01:49


good phone

i had this phone for a while, before switching to the 6300. It was a good in fact, with a strong and good reception quality. well build.

Design 4/10
Design 6/10
Features 6/10
Features 6/10
Performance 8/10
Performance 8/10


  • good phone, does the job well.


  • not so many features.

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