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crazylad posted on Nov 18, 2008, 9:06 AM


This is an awesome phone aimed at people who just need it for the basic purpose- calling. This phone is meant for only those genre of people. At just 1200 Indian Rupees i found it completely justied for the price. Drop it, play it, throw it, it would take everything u throw on it, will still work.
An did i tell u that the battery is the best part?? U charge it once and it will last for more than 4 days on normal usage.. Isnt that awesome!!!??


  • Battery Life
  • Rigid Body
  • Dirt Cheap


  • The Only drawback in my case was the message capacity which stand at 80 (inbox+drafts) and 15 (sent). I wish it had a little more capacity.

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Pavan Kumar posted on Aug 01, 2008, 9:43 PM



This is a great phone for people who like to use mobile only to call and sms. The mp3 ringtones are astonishing. Its very fast in operation with all the shortcuts. Battery backup is the best part of this phone.......

The games are too good. Cricket is soo realistic. The torch seems to be very helpful to find a real torch during power cuts.....Not many phones have all these in one - stopwatch, countdown timer, composer, pic messages, mp3 ringtones, a timer for profile (like silent)

You get all these for just Rs. 1350/- isnt that good

I would rather buy 5 nokia 1200 phones instead of a stylish phone

For all those......who do not care about style and believe in using commodities only for specific puposes.....this mobile will be the right choice.

Above all the phone is hard and steady........It has fallen, been tossed, got wet so many times.....but still functions properly.

Its an ideal indian user phone.....
power cuts: battery
some one steals it or you forget anywhere: cheap
You dont have fear of loosing it....its very cheap, you can buy another on the same day.

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