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posted on 07 Sep 2006, 01:59


i560 "bat phone"

I've had my i560 for a full year now; it replaced a perfectly good but just-too-large i55sr.
The i560 is the best-looking phone Nextel has put out recently, maybe the best-looing Nextel phone ever. The black version really has a lot of styling cues that are reminiscent of Batman, hence I call it "the batphone". Downloaded the Batman themesong as the deafult ringtone, and EVERYBODY loves both the phone's looks and that ringtone. My co-workers with Verizon phones are jealous of the cool Batman styling (although Verizon does have better network coverage...)
The i560 is a nice size, fairly compact with the standard battery, and not so small it's difficult to use with large hands. Rubber grip is great and beats hell out of those slick plastic phones other carriers foist on the public. Even with the rubber coating and the grooves for good finger grip, I've dropped my i560 onto concrete a few times but not even a scratch.
It's nice to have the option to buy the extended battery door; I switch between the thin (stock)battery with standard battery door and the big battery from my old i55sr with the extended battery door in place, depending on how much I expect to use the phone that day. As with all Moto's battery life is poor, so the bigger battery option is a good option if you use your phone a lot.
Reception is average for Moto/Nextel. Speakerphone is pretty good with the phone flipped open but only fair with the phone flipped closed.
The GPS location function built in is amazingly...  

Design 8/10
Features 7/10
Sound Quality 7/10
Signal Strength 6/10
Value for money 7/10

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