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posted on 24 Oct 2008, 07:42 (Posts: 0; Member since: 24 Oct 2008)


Motorola va76r

This is my 3rd phone in 10 months. Previously I had a Moto Z3 RIZR, and a BB Pearl 8120, all were factory unlocked.
I decided to upgrade to the va76r on a 2 year contract with Rogers. I received it yesterday. The first thing you notice is the ruggedness of the phone and the size. If your used to smaller and fancier phone this will be like a slap in the face. But if you have big hands, you'll will love this phone. I have small hands myself, and holding the va76r feels just like talking on a normal land line phone. The interior screen is nice and clear. the camera work fine. Rubber buttons is also nice. I do think it a bit thick. Indoor signal and reception is excellent. The OS is different I think it's linux based. Speaker phone is the clearest I've heard so fare.
After playing with it for a few hours I called motorola support and then called Rogers wireless suppor.
I found 3 issues:
1. The A-GPS doesn't have a app. so you can see it in action.. (it's locked or blocked by Rogers)
2. The 2 softkeys on your home screen, you can't change them (they're locked or blocked by Rogers)
3. You can insert a memory card to listen to your music/mp3's, but if you want to convert one to a ringtune you can't (Rogers has locked or blocked this options as well). Rogers wants you to download rintunes and pay.
Motorola did tell me it was probably blocked by me wireless provider.. Rogers did confirm that.
I will probably find somebody who can unbrand and unlocked  this phone.
I wish they have...  

Design 8/10
Features 5/10
Performance 7/10


  • It's rugged.
  • Fits real nice in your hand.
  • Rubber covered buttons around the phone.


  • Some features are blocked or locked by Rogers.
  • The unit is a bit thick to put in a back pocket. it could be a bit thinner.
  • Should have less games and more applications for the real world.

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Ken Tellier
posted on 23 Jul 2010, 12:05


Good phone,- horible service

Motorola you have a great phone! Why can't you back it up with great service.  Got caught in the rain, phone picked up some moisture ( in the viewer only) and Motorola wont back it.
Thought motorola was better than that.
Rogers,  "stop locking out features" you gready corp.

Design 8/10
Features 4/10
Performance 6/10


  • great phone


  • poor poor service

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posted on 01 Apr 2010, 07:05



i have dropped on cement, never even powered off, dropped in cup of coffee, neither ldi was turned pink/red... is rugged am well worth the money. the only thing i do not like is that i cant assign message ringers to my sms. besides that, excellent phone.! i saw on a demonstration where it was put into a watermelon, catapulted 500 feet into a brick wall, taken out, and used. impressive.

Design 7/10
Features 7/10
Performance 10/10





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posted on 27 Sep 2009, 20:17


not so good

 This is the most unintuitive annoying phone I have ever owned... The alerts come late and well after the fact. The button features make no sense.
 All in all it was not worth the 300.00 it cost me, and its done at 10 months,  the flip portion broke.

Design 4/10
Features 1/10
Performance 1/10


  • makes motorola money


  • Its a POS.

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warranty one
posted on 26 Aug 2009, 12:02


not so tough now

even though the phone is supposed to be so rugged you will void your warranty with any kind of water exposure or any kind of physical damage. be aware of this.

Design 5/10
Features 5/10
Performance 5/10



  • to many complaints about poor service.

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Dillon Dal
posted on 16 Jun 2009, 16:41


For the working man

Ive had my va76r for about 3 months now. I own a construction company and go to the bar often so in both cases i needed a durable phone.  This phone is just as durable as they say ive dropped it on cement, was running it fell out of my pocket and i booted it about 20 feet lol, and left it in the rain for about 10 min and it still works great.   The size is a little big but thats because the plastic coating on the outside.  The only problem i have with the phone is the menu loading once in a while it takes a couple seconds to boot up the next screen but it isnt all the time.   Battery life is about 5 days with little usage around 3 days when sending 50 texts a day and 30 min a day on the phone. Reception is awsomw everywhere i go i have 5 bars when others only have 2 or 3.

Design 7/10
Features 7/10
Performance 8/10


  • Durable, large display, To do list, note pad, Jeopardy, water tight casing, good reception, expandable memory


  • Menu's slow sometimes, no alarm for to do list items

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