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InstinctDemon posted on Aug 09, 2010, 5:26 PM
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My 6th Phone The Slivr Was AWESOME

 Though I was happy with my v220, and the hype of the Razr was all over at the time, I wanted something not as trendy, though I was anti Razr, I wasn't anti Moto, then when I hear that there was a candybar with the same features as the moto but even MORE the Slivr had iTunes and a expandable 512k mircoSD, video capture, I had to get this phone and sure enough I did! and It didn't disappoint It has to be one of my favorite phones! text, send pics, I had this phone for at least 2 years until I decided to add my nephew on my plan what a big mistake! he compiled data charges which amounted to over $800.00! but with AT&T's stellar reputation didn't disappoint either, I was happy when Cingular changed from AT&T, but I didn't like the AT&T resurgence.. when I had AT&T horrible customer service, but Cingular was great, then AT&T was horrible again, they wouldn't budget or offer me to make payments, so Iet my contract go. oh well off to Sprint I go!


  • Design is sweet
  • Text, Video, iTunes


  • AT&T took over Cingular eww!

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riu posted on Apr 01, 2010, 4:59 AM



this phone never dissapoints me..nice phone. this is my personal assistant for years and it really serve its purpose. the only major drawback of this phone is that it cant open or process larger files and the screen color is not that appealing..

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idonthaveaname posted on Mar 08, 2008, 10:21 PM



I've had my phone for years and i love it! its beyond perfect. its been beat up, thrown, dropped, kicked, and even sat one and its still working as good as the day i got it! I have never been a fan of Motorola phones until i bought this one. It really has convinced me that Motorola can make something decent, especially since i had one of those RAZRs that aren't worth $5 in my opinion. I paid $80 for my SLVR and its been worth every cent.

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anonymous posted on Sep 14, 2007, 12:30 AM


works for me!

i like this phone because it is small (in terms of width)...
i also like this phone because it uses memory card...
-i use this phone to store my documents...
-you can download free games from the net and store it in this phone using the usb cable or the bluetooth
-it works just like a flash drive, and it is user friendly...
i like this phone because it is somewhat durable... (i always drop this phone and it still works properly)

what i don't like in this phone is that...
-sometimes the phone will restart while i am writing a message (i don't know the reason)
-it cannot open too large (in terms of size [kb]) images
-it could only play limited formats of sounds...

above all, this phone is easy to use and it's worth the prize FOR ME...

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#em posted on May 31, 2007, 12:59 PM


nice phone

i should say, most important thing about a phone is the call clarity and loudness, whats the use of a cell phone that stores many mp3 songs, rings and whistles with nice songs if u cant use it in crowded places?!! and this phone simply does its job greatly, besides, its got a camera ( if u need more megapixels, go buy a camera) nice motorola mp3 player, bluetooth object exchange speed z acceptable, although could b faster, keypad z alright but isint as comfortable as V3's,mmmm, what else, battery z much much better than v3, stays with me around 3-4 days, without the use of mp3 player, and bluetooth z on wen necessary, overall, its a very good phone, and best thing,,, no dust problem under the screen's face (unlike V3), hope this was helpfull for anybody thinking bout this device

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Sumair Khan posted on May 28, 2007, 12:41 PM



I have used this phone for about 5 Months and it totally sucks.
It cant even play MP4 Format. It can but it looks like this set cant decode the MPEG4 Format properly.
The only thing i like is the sound quality at least its better than V3i.
The Blue tooth receiving speed is very very slow. I send a song from my Sony Ericsson K700i and it took about 30 Minutes......... Yeah thats true 30 Mins. and guess what the song size was just 4.2 MB....!!!!!!!!!!
Dont even think about buying this phone cuz its not worth the money.
The display is 262k but it looks like 4k...!!!!

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Justin posted on Sep 22, 2006, 11:11 PM



this phone is just siiickkk! i just purchased it for only $40 since i hooked him up with another phone, but even for $300, its great! i dun even have itunes on it, but the media player it comes with is A+++. its an easy to use phone, and fits anywhere. the only problem i have with this phone is that the back of it is kinda plain, but i nver look there anyways, and that the camera is kinda dull (pictures arent as clear as i would like). sometimes with very large files, the phone also seems to lag, but thats all.

this phone is awesome for someone who wants a stylish phone with good features and excellent signal and sound.

ps: i have just searched "top phones" on google, and this phone was ranked 3 (out of ALL cellphones) and 7 respectively on 2 big sites. i did not post them because rankings tend to change due to price change and new technology.

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AJ posted on Jul 16, 2006, 6:05 PM



I totally miss my motorola RAZR V3i but I love this phone even more. Almost all of my Phones had iTunes except for the L6. I've owned the stupid waste of money ROKR E1, The exceptionally great V3i, The OK L6 and The L7. I bought them all on trips around the world except for the L7 so they are all unlocked and cingular unlocked the L7. My mom is using my V3i now because hea V3 broke.

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