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posted on 04 Apr 2010, 09:08


A true STYLE icon

Motorola ROKR EM30 is the best mid-range music phone available in the market today. EM30 in fact, is a simplified version of mighty ROKR E8 with almost no differences between the two other than a few costly features taken out from the former. The luring combination of a relatively low price and the expensive materials and design which were inherited from the E8 model, an unmatched audio quality, touch buttons serving as player controls – here are the principal points that lured me to buy this handset.

The E8 model remains a rather expensive offer, that’s a fashion phone which will never be subject to serious price reduction. The design of EM30 can be basically described as a copy of the original E8 design, the materials, measurements and weight are the same and at the same time preserving the fashion statement. The handset has a very unusual shape – the thickness and length are quite normal, but the width is a bit too large. I don’t try to say the phone feels clumsy, but the 2 inch screen looks utterly disproportional, though this brings about no actual problems. The screen uses a landscape orientation, so the keyboard area is very spacious.

The assembly quality is truly exceptional. All the parts sit tight, there’s no slightest play between the details. The handset feels like a monolith. The casing frame and the side edges are painted silver. The surface coating sports a very high quality. The back panel uses metal as well, though treated with a soft-touch coating, which...  

Design 10/10
Features 10/10
Performance 10/10


  • Anything & Everything


  • Poor Camera

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posted on 24 Dec 2009, 08:06



REVIEW OF SOUND QUALITY OF MOTOROLA ROKR EM30 AND COMPARISON WITH MOTOROLA MOTOZINE ZN5Motorola ROKR EM30: Talking about the audio quality of ROKR EM30 it is possible to argue for a long time, in attempts to establish the path Motorola has followed, but in the end the result nevertheless remains the same. I am dealing with one of the best solutions for pure listening pleasure, with a clean sound devoid of any colorings, embellishment or ornamentation in the sound, which most of my friends after listening called a ringing and muffled audio track. And really, in comparison with the sound of Samsung i450 and other competitive solutions from Nokia and many other players, this product demonstrates a seemingly complete lack of low frequencies (Bass) and thus beginning from the middle to higher frequencies. Therein lies the error of those who makes such a ruling. In fact, when I hear an audio track, the ROKR EM30 simply discards the low frequency (Bass) side of the audio frequency spectrum, and I am forced to listen to various songs on the EM30 like that. And you know what’s most interesting? Now I can easily hear many of the previously obscure details in the compositions of a complicated music composition, and if desired, with a quality headset, can clearly set apart all the instruments used in the music composition, thus I am able to focus not only on the primary instrument, which is audible, but also on the fact that what instrument I want to hear. This calls for a detailed elaboration...  

Design 10/10
Features 9/10
Performance 9/10


  • A design icon !!!


  • Lack of Bass in mp3 player.

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Debi Prasad
posted on 27 Sep 2009, 07:10


Just little below the best..

Well this is an awesome handset when it comes to music, just a bit sloppy in the sections of camera and keypad.Has Linux OS, well that's awesome too as you can enjoy it's total benefits.The only bad points are camera and Keypad, rest the phone's best.

Design 9/10
Features 9/10
Performance 7/10


  • Music Playback
  • Linux OS
  • First impression (Goliath in a tank.. as per me.)
  • Price (Very agressively priced.)


  • Keypad usage(Not for speed typers and it didn't impress me very well too.)
  • Camera, not the best but isalways there when you need it.

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posted on 07 Sep 2009, 13:41


Fantastic phone

Simply superb phone - Look & Feel, features(Camera, Music and voice quality). Affordable price

Design 8/10
Features 9/10
Performance 8/10


  • - Look and Feel
  • - Music
  • - Price


  • - Picture quality

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