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CH Mak posted on May 19, 2008, 3:59 AM


Total disappointed

I found a BIG BUG for this phone.

I setup a Gmail account to receive email use IMAP with SSL connection, once the Gmail account is setup and can receive email, please DO NOT power off the phone.

The problem is, after you power off the phone, the phone will DEAD LOOP on the power on procedure when you power on the phone again.

I take this SHIT to the CS of Motorola and try for 2 more Z8, same case happened and the CS dont know how to solve the problem. I am still waiting for their reply!!

Really disappointed with Motorola for the matter. How come they do not test all the basic feature of the phone???

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a.babhair posted on Mar 11, 2008, 11:20 AM


it sucks

i m sorry but this phone sirrously suck.
the battery life sucks(i plug it for 3 days , 4 houres later it goes off ) it takes ages to load .... it just sucks soooooooo bad

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Shano posted on Aug 17, 2007, 9:01 AM



I have this phone for a week, and I can say it is a very good phone concerning the battery and multimedia factor.
A lot of people dis some phones because the 2mp camera or less, and say why didn't they put more pixel, but what the hell do you need more when 2mp are more than enough to make express photos (that's the only reason tohave a camera on your phone), if you want to be a photographer than by yourself a professional camera.
And these 2mp on this phone make a really good photos even the flashlight is good in night conditions.
But the thing that I like the most on this phone is his quality casing. Motorola really did a good job by using quality materials for this gadget.
Another thing that I would like to mention, is the media player.
I read on this site the review on Z8 and they mentioned that the player didn't want to play files with H.264 codec. That bothered me also at first, because I had the same problem, but then I found out when I was converting the files by myself than when I set the video size on 320x240 it plays the file with no problem, and when you set it on 30 frames/sec the phones media player play is it very good, and it looks amazing.
So to make a conclusion, this phone for more than a average user is a good choice, but for those freaks I'm not sure.

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david posted on Jul 26, 2007, 9:52 AM


im gonna buy this phone

well this is 1 of some phones that ive interested a lot i think is the best but the desing "kick slider" sucks sorry if my english is bad im mexican...

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Chris posted on Jul 02, 2007, 6:18 PM


Z8 strong showing

FYI, Jake, The fact that you say you replaced your Rizr Z8 with the enV leads me to believe you reviewed the wrong Rizr. The is no CDMA model for this phone yet, and to be honest it really isn't touching US soil. I think maybe you neat to review one of the old clod Rizr's.

With it's vid option likely Sprint will carry initially for their TV service, everyone knows it will be a joke on AT&T's network. Not sure if US will see a CDMA version for VZ to use with their TV service, although the new Razr did appear there, but it isn't as featured packed.

The phone is very nice, super fingerprint prone, but no biggie. The screen is insane, movies actually look very nice, nice color blend on vids than iPhone considering the small size. Response was not as reobust though. Call quality was excellent and signal strength was good. Bluetooth response was also clear and very strong.

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Jake Richards posted on Jun 25, 2007, 10:32 AM


RIZR is okay...

i just recently abandoned my RIZR for the new LG VX9900 (enV). But when I had the phone for about 5 months i realized that l liked it more than my choclate which I got over lst summer and had for about 3 or 4 months also. Whover designed the RIZR automatially knew that people will assosciate the RIZR with The RAR and say, "Hey! Razrs are cool. so is the RIZR!!" That is fine if you plan on upgrading every few months like I do. but fa long-term phone, it gets boring. for those o y who are buying or planning on buying the RIZR for yofirst phone then go ahead and get it but with the smallest contract you can find. it get boring. That's wy i switched to the enV.

It has decent fetures but nothing to spill cream over
nice design that beats the chocolate.
okay sound quality and good battery life.
it was a good value for what I paid for it.

OVER ALL: It really depends on who yu are. really think about wat phone you get if you knw your stuck with it for a long time.

Just sayin ;)

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